Planning my Year 2022

My Accountability squad is a bunch of weird people but they make shit work. We try our best to win together by helping each other win.

2022 Goals

Spirituality & lifestyle

  • study the Bible more
  • Pray more than I’m used to
  • Do a little bit more in church (join the worship team on stage)
  • Journal more
  • Ask more dumb questions
  • Keep observing my life and ask the hardest questions I’m always running away from
  • Build a much more flexible daily routine
  • Treat my health better (both physical & mental)
  • Travel more within Ghana
  • Travel to another country in Q4
  • Touch people’s lives

Family & Relationship

  • Be a better brother and a son
  • Help my sister build a sustainable revenue stream for herself
  • Help my personal stalker tripple her annual revenue
  • Train my kid brother
  • Begin scoping for permanent properties
  • Create joint family investments

Career & work

  • Build profitable partnerships in the travel space
  • Explore the XR space
  • Complete AR product beta in Q1
  • Release two podcast seasons
  • Release at least 4 articles
  • Host an animation related event (FXF)
  • Release 3 animated short film projects
  • Create focused passion project sprints, one for each quarter
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Music
  • Animation
  • Make career shift decision by Q4
  • Submit to at least one film festival


  • 10x my investment portfolio
  • Increase passive income revenue streams
  • Diversify investments
  • Sell NFTs


  • experiment with my YouTube channel (tutorials/digital experientials)
  • Put out my music projects
  • Metaverse applications
  • Digital Experientials with VR & AR

The theme for the year:

  • Money lover (tracking finances)
  • Coin stats (tracking crypto earnings)
  • Taskade (planning day to day to-dos and Quarterly projects)
  • Notion (keep track of specific business-related ideas, products & plans as well as keeping detailed documentation)
  • Google calendar (planning daily activities and schedules)
  • Evernote (quick note-taking & journaling)
  • Google Docs (Typing out random ideas, rants, and thoughts)
  • Google Sheets (for when I need spreadsheets to track purchases, finances, goals, timelines, checklists, etc)



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