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Fulfillment in a career

There are two factors that define a fulfilling career:

These are examples like compensation, status, job security, and work culture. Good hygiene factors do not necessarily mean one is fulfilled with his/her job.

These are things that make you enjoy what you do, such as challenging work, responsibility, personal growth, and recognition. Such factors help people to grow and improve themselves, to contribute and create values, and as a result, help them to feel good about themselves.

You need a plan or a strategy to find a fulfilling job, there are two types of strategy:

This approach focuses on putting…

by Nathaniel Branden

What is self esteem?

Self esteem is a fundamental human need. It means having the confident to trust one’s mind and capability, and to know that one is worthy of happiness.

There is a reinforcing feedback loop between our actions and our self-esteem. Our action is influenced by our self esteem, and our self esteem is then influenced by our action in return.

Self esteem works like a self-fulfilling prophecy. When we believe we have the ability to cope with challenges in life, our belief will influence our behaviours, and turn our desires into a reality. …

Key takeaways and reflections

It’s been a month ever since the mentorship has started. I’ve decided to relook at the purpose of the session logs. The initial purpose of the session log is to document my learning notes. However, I feel that my intention in writing the session logs can be better, please feel free to provide any suggestions by leaving your comments.

To iterate this, I decided to add in a reflection piece in each session log moving forward, to review whether I’ve applied the learnings in my work and personal life.

Parts of the learning have been slightly passive, having a weekly…

Key takeaways

  • Keep asking questions and be creative in finding the answers. Involve the right people in the process to look for the answer together.
  • Keep a log of your questions.
  • Before every meeting / conversation, be prepared and have a clear intention on what you want to achieve, so that you won’t waste other people’s time as well as yours.
  • Identify dependencies on project tasks, find out what are the things you can already work on and start preparing, work smart not hard.
  • Set the foundation right early, so that you workflow can run smoother downstream.
  • Start collecting design assets for…

When we are picking up something new, be it new skill or new hobby, there are time we like a “noob”. We might say to ourselves, “maybe this is not for me”, “I should give up, I shouldn’t waste my time on this”.

Give yourself a chance, stay on the track. Over time, you will feel less uncomfortable and the journey will get smoother.

You’ve won half of the battle by starting out. Remember to celebrate the little wins along the way.

Keep going, consistency is the key.

Understanding different types of navigation systems

What is navigation systems?

Navigation systems play an important role in interface design. It provides a set of actions that enable users to navigate between pages within an app or a website to achieve their goal — whatever that may be.

Navigation systems is all about how users browse or move through information. —

A good navigation system presents the structure of the information hierarchy and indicate user’s current location clearly, this is especially important in a complex system. A well done navigation system helps users to build a mental model of the information hierarchy to make sense of the information easily.

Embedded navigation systems


Is your room organised, or is your room messy?

The physical state of yourself and your “surroundings” often represents your character and internal state (spiritual, emotional) directly.

Are you being responsible to keep your room tidy? In other words, are you getting your private life together? And oh, have you forgot to shave your facial hair again? 👨‍🦳

In order to do great things, you have to do the small things well. Treat small things with all seriousness and vigour.

Tidy up your room, tidy up your life.

To change your life for better, you have to start doing things differently. This includes learning and doing things that are new to you.

Doing these things is uncomfortable and extremely mind-boggling at the start, and it’s easy to retreat back to our comfort zone. Push through the discomfort, when you look back and see how much you’ve grown, you be thankful for the journey.

Before you even choose to go through the discomfort, ask yourself whether if the outcome is really something that you want.

Choose your discomfort, choose your pain.

Key takeaways:

  • Feedback loops comes from being proactive in showing your work and getting feedback consistently. By getting feedback, you will be able to collect data points, identify gaps to create a better design solutions.
  • Before doing something, always ask yourself the 3O’s questions: What’s the objective? What’s the output? What’s the outcome? Be “skeptical” and constantly ask questions and challenge everything that is presented in front of you. Think and do not follow blindly. Never stop asking questions.
  • Before every meeting session, have a plan, understand the purpose, do not go into a meeting without a plan / intention. This can…

Respect is earned through your daily actions and conduct.

When you made a mistake. Be willing to acknowledge and admit it. One of the hardest thing to do is to apologise and acknowledge your mistake in front of people who are close to you, especially your family. Anyhow, if it’s the right thing to do, you’ve to put your ego aside and say, “I’m sorry”. Bruised ego is nothing.

Respect is not earned by “default”, not from your status, not from your ‘power’, not from your ‘rank’ and definitely not because you are the eldest or the “first born”, and thus, expects people to respect you.

Part of the equation of earning respect is also about doing the right thing when you are in the wrong.

Lim Zhiyang

Good design is about helping people to be more ‘human’; empowering people to live a meaningful, purposeful and effective life. |

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