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I finished my latest tour of Brazil with a presentation at a Customer Success meetup in São Paulo, organized by Gama Academy and hosted by TOTVS.

Since I wanted to present something new to the crowd — something they hadn’t already heard from me a thousand times — we came up with the idea of presenting the ten biggest mistakes I see companies make when implementing — or transitioning to — Customer Success.

Embedded below is the slide deck I put together for the talk — it’s in Portuguese if you’re so inclined — and below that is the list of the 10 biggest mistakes I see in Customer Success (in English). …

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Last week I spoke at an awesome event in Dallas to a crowd that had never heard me speak and generally was not familiar with Customer Success.

After sharing my views on Customer Success-driven growth, starting with not acquiring bad fit customers and moving into simply being deliberate in your growth, I felt the crowd was starting to buy into my message.

The reality is, even though what I talk about will get your customers to stay longer, buy more, invite you into other parts of their businesses, and advocate for you publicly — the things we all want from our customers — my message isn’t sexy; it often sounds like a lot of work. …

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I hear things like “Customer Success is too expensive” or “we don’t have the right technology” as excuses for having a failing Customer Success initiative.

Or “I don’t know where to start” when a company is, well, just starting out.

Well, here are 5 things you can do to improve Customer Success today, no technology, special skills, or additional resources required.

(If you aren’t sure what Customer Success is or want to take your game to the next level, check out my 2017 Definitive Guide to Customer Success.)

Okay, here we go (countdown style)…

5) Close a loop with a customer. What’s one place where you give the customer a result but don’t tell them what to do with it? Tell them what to do with it. …

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