5 More Days til Patreon Launch — Tier 2 Benefits

Learn all about what my Patreon’s $3 Tier will offer! Become a n30n angel.

I’m excited to officially announce that I will be launching a Patreon on Tuesday, December 4, 2018! That’s just five days away. Everyday until then I will be posting daily about the different tier benefits, goals, and so on about my page so you can learn a bit more and take your time on deciding whether or not you’d like to become a Patron.

The topic of today’s post is on the $3 tier benefits, titled n30n angel.

n30n angel

n30n angel s believe in the here and now. The present is all that matters. And nothing celebrates the present more than art and music. When others are want to call these cyber pixies reckless daydreamers, the n30n angel s respond, “And so what?”

Tier Benefits

Pledge your allegiance to the n30n angels if you want a closer look at my art process and enjoy my taste in music.

  • Everything in the $1 tier
  • Full art livestream recordings
  • Sketches
  • Art WIP blog posts — for an exclusive look at the thought process I put into my pieces
  • Playlist of the Month: a Spotify playlist I’ve created with genres that include but are not limited to: songs that sound like anime openings, lofi hiphop and jazz, synthwave, future funk, Carly Rae Jepsen and more.

I am especially excited to bring you the WIP blog posts and Playlist of the Month.

As I’ve mentioned in my Purpose post, I’m eager to use Patreon as a central hub for my content and to provide supporters with exclusive behind-the-scenes access to my creative process. I sometimes post about it here and there on Instagram and Twitter, but I want to be able to provide this content in more formal and organized ways. And with Patreon’s tags and search functionality, patrons at any time will be able to access a whole archive of posts, which I think will be incredibly useful!

As for Playlist of the Month, I listen to some really cool stuff on Spotify that I’d love to share with folks! Playlists might follow themes like “cyberpunk club,” “90’s shoujo anime,” “retrofuturistic timeline aka Maniac Season 2,” as well as exist in the genres mentioned above. There will be a variety of playlists — some will be perfect for studying and chilling while others will be more high energy.

What’s up with the tier name?

What better way to create new worlds than to create an immersive experience right within my Patreon? The groups that each of these tiers are named after are communities that exist in my little cyberpunk world. The community’s goals, personalities, and unifying features also mirror the benefits! Of course you can pledge whatever amount you’d like, but why not have a cool group name that goes with it while you’re at it?

Hope this post was helpful in learning more about the $3 tier benefits. If you’re sold — great! I look forward to your patronage when my Patreon opens up to the public on December 4.

If you’re still on the fence, I hope the next week of daily posts can further inform your decision to support or not. I’ll be posting about tier benefits, goals, giving you a sneak peek and tour, and more. Please look forward to it!