33 awesome GitHub lists for iOS development

Maybe you know that we have a closed newsletter which goes to all Flawless App users & some of our friends. One of the topic was very actively discussed and it seems like people love it a lot. So we decided to share that newsletter issue with the community.

And it’s about everything you might need as an iOS developer.

Looking for interview questions & answers? Need to find iOS chart or animation library? Or maybe you are just curious to check new open-source apps, free courses, coming conferences or people to follow on Twitter. Whatever you’re looking or need, you will find that on GitHub :)

There are really a lot of iOS gems done by the community! We made our research and collected the most useful repositories for you. For sure, you will find there a bunch of practical resources and a lot of inspiring ideas.
Check it out!

📋 Awesome Lists

Awesome iOS — always updated collection of iOS frameworks, libraries, tutorials, Xcode extensions & plugins, and components, divided into categories. Awesome iOS was created in 2014 by Brazilian engineer Vinicius Souza and it has literally everything! Now Awesome iOS is curated by our good friend Lucas Farah, who encourage you to submit your iOS projects, blogs or anything useful for the community.

Awesome macOS — huge curated repo of awesome applications, software, tools and shiny things for macOS. I must say, that every app & tool goes via manual approval. If it gets enough endorsements and maintainers find it useful, it will be accepted. That says a lot about the content quality in this list. And if you are looking for more places to discover new macOS apps, check MacApps subreddit or mac section at Product Hunt.

Awesome Swift — great and growing resource for anything Swift related. It has dozens of Swift libs, from the collection of font related snippets to libs that handle data management. It even has a list of resources to make your own customized keyboard.

Open-Source iOS Apps —collaborative list of iOS, watchOS and tvOS apps. Would love to share your open-source project? Or maybe you wish to learn how other people develop their apps? This repo is a perfect place to do it!

The Awesome Server Side Swift — list of Server Side Swift 3 projects: frameworks, utilities, parsers, etc. This repo wasn’t updated recently but what it already has is already useful.

iOS Dev Directory a comprehensive list of blogs & resources on iOS development, curated by Dave Verwer. iOS Dev Directory was recently launched but it already has almost all sites I’m following — from personal or company blogs to iOS marketing resources. And it’s not only in English! Pretty cool idea to have everything in one place. As Dave mentioned in one of his iOS Dev Weekly issues, you’re more than welcome to share your favourite iOS resources over GitHub repo!

🤖 ML & AR

Fantastic Machine Learning — beginner resources to learn machine learning for iOS developers. It contains ML tutorials, interesting articles, models, tools and projects, together with courses and even interview questions. All that fabulous list was done by our good friend & hyper-active open-source contributor, Khoa Pham.

Awesome Core ML Models — collection of machine learning models in Core ML format to help iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS developers experiment with machine learning techniques. After you have read guides in Fantastic Machine Learning, start playing with Core ML framework :)

Awesome ARKit — everything ARKit-related: projects, AppStore apps, tutorials and other resources. Be sure, there much more than ARKit demo ruler app :)

⚡ Good Practices

Fantastic iOS architecture — everything you ever wanted to know about structuring iOS apps.Tutorials on the best practices for MVC, MVP, MVVM, Clean Architecture & much more.

iOS handbook and iOS Good Practices — guidelines and best practices to start making iOS apps. Both lists will be useful for folks, who are curious doing things “the right way”. Content in those repos are not often updated, but still relevant.

Swift Tips — advanced Swift tips, shared by John Sundell on Twitter. You probably already follow John and know that quite often he shares tips & tricks on getting the most out of Swift. All those gems are gathered in his list.

🎓 Learning

iOS Learning Resources and Learning Materials — collections of well-maintained iOS tutorial sites, good articles, web-resources, and code repositories that may help you dig a little bit deeper into iOS.

Roadmap to becoming an iOS developer in 2018 — tree-like compilation of iOS-related topics with a to-do list for newbie iOS developers. I promise, there are so many things you still need to learn!

Swift 30 Projects — 30 mini Swift apps for self-study. It’s updated with Swift 4.0 and compatible with iPhone X. Perfect 30-day challenge for newbies.

Design Patterns in Swift — cheat-sheet with design patterns implemented in Swift. Working with design patterns is a great way to learn Swift. So makers of this repo decided to solve real challenges using some of the more common software design patterns. Design-Patterns-In-Swift has explanations, Swift code examples and dedicated repository for some design patterns.

Swift Algorithm Club — algorithms & data structures in Swift guides.

Awesome Swift Playgrounds — all various playgrounds for learning Swift. It has some basic playgrounds together with advanced and more computer science ones.

🎨 UI & UX

Awesome iOS Animation — curated list of awesome iOS animation, including Objective-C and Swift libraries. If you ever need more resources to work with animation, check Fantastic iOS Animation by Khoa.

Awesome iOS UI — collection of beautiful iOS UI & UX libraries. Obviously, our community loves nice design :) Some side note: Awesome iOS UI is looking for an active maintainer. If you are that brave person, just ping @cjwirth.

Awesome iOS Chart and Charts — iOS chart libraries, including Objective-C & Swift, together with charts for iOS/tvOS/OSX. That is all the possible chars collected in one place.

💫 Marketing & Career & Self-development

Marketing for Engineers — constantly updated collection of marketing articles & tools to grow your iOS project. Everything you might need to launch your app, get attention to an open-source project or get first sales. It’s done by our team with all experience, struggles and insights we learned while working on Flawless App.

Awesome iOS Twitter — list of iOS Twitter accounts, divided into the categories (people, conferences, blogs, and podcasts). Whenever you need more new information, check the right Twitter feeds. And if you wish to follow ladies in iOS development, please take a look at my list.

Awesome Interview Questions — dozens of iOS interview questions. Getting job is not easy, so it’s better to be prepared and know the answers :)

Cocoa Conferences — list of cocoa conferences for iOS & macOS developers. You can see what conferences are accepting Call-for-Papers and try your best to become a speaker :)

🔒 Security

Awesome Cryptograph — A curated list of cryptography resources and links, from theory to tools, frameworks & libs. The list has Swift and Objective-C sections. And if you want to make deeper dive check OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide.

Security Talks — list of security talks from awesome Anastasiia Voitova. @vixentael is a senior iOS engineer and mobile security enthusiasts, who are frequently speaking at iOS confs. So all Anastasiia’s talks with records and slides you will find in her repo. Good video list for everyone interested in mobile security.

Wow! It was a huge list with even more information inside! Now it’s time for checking all those gems. Happy learning!




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Lisa Dziuba

Lisa Dziuba

Maker & blogger 👩🏻‍💻 Love product marketing, community-building, and open-source.

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