The sleeping princess…that is how my friend described her native Tegucigalpa to me, while a reddish sunset unfolds from the Suyapa Sanctuary.

It is always amazing to see how proud people are of their place of birth. For my friend and for Honduras national love and pride is an act of resistance. Pride in their achievements, national cuisine, challenges and football (in spite the upsetting 6–0 against the US this weekend)

Rest assured, Hondurans know well poverty, violence, injustice and climate change are not going to surmount themselves in their own.

Still, they come out of home everyday and find an alternate route, a way to work and to make it work.

Humbled I admire the sleeping Honduran princess and wish the world would learn from her.

The learning curve of the authocrat is inverse in proportionality to the strenght and stealth of the rule of law.

It will take him a while to understand how many pieces need to be removed from the proverbial Jenga Tower of federal government for things to start crmbling down. …

2016 Change or Challenge?

My husband and I began the year in our apartment in Mexico City, Trump piñata, gigantic meatloaf, friends and family.

Then everything happened…

  • went live!
  • Three fundraising campaigns in Nicaragua and Bolivia were sucessfully launched.
  • Was a First Round Judge for the FNPI Gabriel García Márquez Awards for Innovation…

How to survive in a time of authocratic leaders

Lessons from the #GlobalSouth

Ignoring them will not make them disappear. Language builds rapport and imagery. It relates the name, actions and ideology of the authocratic leader to history, science, ethics, justice, rights.

If you oppose the leader talk as much as you can basing your arguments in data, evidence, testimonies and verified information.

Moving away from ‘locker banter’ and into the public arena confronts the authocrat with his/her propagation of lies and alternative interpretations of reality (propaganda).

He/She should always be named…

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Look at Real Tech, the media innovation map for social change

Starwars overload

I only have good memories of the time my Dad took Marco, my brother, and I to see the first Starwars.

Going to the movies was a special experience in 1978. It was a treat and this was a big one.

In a galaxy far far away…the titles caught us sitting on the stairs as all seats were full. The music was so exciting and my hero, Lea, appeared as a hologram. I was over the moon.

Today, I glance at the ongoing Starwars marathon on TV and wonder how American consumerism manages to strip what is unique and special in an experice by itteration. The more you have of it, the more banal it becomes

May the force be with you, consumer America…

Photo: Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Abundance culture…the dilemma of bulk buying

Everytime I see a person in a parking lot loading a gigantic pack of toilet paper (64 rolls or more) in to their cars I think of Svansy. She would recount the cultural reactions toilet paper elicits in Icelandic people in her native Dalvik: “it is shammefull to be seen with toilet paper in public, especially in bulk…what does that even mean? it is like you use it a lot, like you need a lot of it”.

Now that I live in post-Trump America, I wonder if buying toilet paper in bulk is not a reflection of economy, time saving, enjoy the bargain or just the love of nice fluffy things but the need to get a lot out of the system, a LOT.

Needless to say, I never know how Americans manage to deal with having so much around. It puzzles me.

Luisa Ortiz


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