Attract die-hard fans by injecting your brand with one of these 12 personality archetypes

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The Personality of Brand

“A solid brand connection can create genuine affection, loyalty, and even love.”

Craft your brand’s personality before you craft a great logo

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The day I found myself dancing between a murderer and his victim

Image by RAUSCHENBERGER from Pixabay

Going primal in public isn’t like the movies

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Remove the bad worms before they eat your time and profits

Illustration by Luis Aguirre

Oh, the horror!

Chuck Norris is taking the fight to the virus

Chuck Norris is Back as the Corona Task Force of One.

After America’s Frontline Dr.s Speak Out, Democrats Are Demanding To Know The President’s Genealogy.

Possible? Democrats seem to think so. Photo by JonTyson

Three Stranded American Survivors Prefer New Island Home to America

In a bold move to even the playing field, the social media giant begins a fact-checking campaign on its users.

Luis Aguirre

Artist and insomniac playing at the intersection of silly and serious.

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