Luvdub Coin Announcement

Luvdub Coin is the next evolution in online dating! A novelty decentralized mobile app powered by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence for serious dating on the go. Read our white paper for more details.

Luvdub Explainer Video



Luvdub employs various methods to mitigate these issues such as vision technology, depth data capture, and machine learning. By corroborating a user’s biometric data and personal info to the blockchain, we are able to provide unique IDs to each individual. In conjunction with our robust review system, individuals will be empowered to authenticate honest users while discouraging fraud. Read our white paper for more details.


Every Luv Match will offer the user two options as their love interest. Users are permitted to decline both candidates or select one. Upon selection, the other candidate will receive the user as a potential match. If both users select each other, then a connection is created. Read our white paper for more details.


Each user is given a discovery group where 30 possible love interests are made available to browse. These love interests are determined based on their geolocation, gender, sexual orientation, ranking, and availability. The matching phase pulls the first two love interests from the discovery group array. Users are permitted to elect love interests in the discovery group to enter the matching phase using Luvdub Coins. Read our white paper for more details.


When two users are connected for a minimum of 90 days, they are given the option to commit to each other. During a commit, all other matches that a user has are disbanded and Luv Matches cease. This allows for two individuals to remain solely dedicated to each other. Instead of luv matches, users will be given daily deals from vendors and service providers at their steepest discounts. Users will notice an increase in vacation or experiential services as a result. This change occurs to help reinforce the relationship. Read our white paper for more details.

Token Sale Terms

  • Tokens for sale = 53,750,000
  • Purchase method accepted = ETH
  • Price: 1 ETH = 1449.27536 Tokens
  • Price: 1 Luvdub Coin = 0.00069 ETH
  • Token Sale period = Estimated Quarter 3, 2018




Luvdub Coins for all!

How can I take part in the Luvdub airdrop?

1. Sign up here

2. Join our Official discussion group on Telegram

• Tokens: 20 Luvdub Coins

• Provide your telegram username in the sign up form

• Remain in our Telegram group for the duration of our Token Sale

3. Subscribe to Luvdub Nation’s official Subreddit

• Tokens: 15 Luvdub Coins

• Provide your reddit username in the sign up form

• Upvote the pinned message

• Make a positive comment about Luvdub

4. Post a positive comment on our BitcoinTalk post

• Tokens: 15 Luvdub Coins

• Provide your BitcoinTalk username in the sign up form

Event Start Date: June 5th, 2018
 Event End Date: When fund has been depleted
 Max airdropped tokens per unique user: 50 Luvdub Coins

Luvdub Coin AirDrop Fund: 50,000 Tokens

Luvdub Coins will be sent after the end of the main round of our Token Sale. Thank you for your support

How can I get even more Luvdub Coins for free?

  1. After signing up on, you will get a referral link in the Affiliates URLs tab.

2. Provide a friend with your referral link and have them sign up.

3. If they make a purchase of at least 100 Luvdub Coins, you and your friend will each receive 10 Luvdub Coins!

4. There is NO CAP on referrals!




Security Reminder!

Always look for the Luvdub Nation Inc. green security trust lock in your browser before submitting any information online.

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