Today kicks off World Immunization Week 2019, a week in which the World Health Organization works to draw attention to the need for vaccines, and to educate parents on the benefits of vaccines for their children. Now, generally I think that most Americans might hear about this and think, “That’s not about us. That’s about people in less developed countries where access to vaccines are limited and children still die from preventable diseases.”

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Well… not really. You see, it would be nice if we could say that. Hey, it would be better if we couldn’t say that because people in other countries had the same access to vaccines that we have in America. Unfortunately, in recent years, the reason that we cannot say that World Immunization Week is not about us is because of a growing movement of people, lead by celebrities and unqualified doctors, who are choosing not to have their children vaccinated against about a dozen different preventable diseases. …

“Are there many homeless people up around here?”, my aunt asked the other.

After pausing a minute, she responded. “A few. There are more and more it seems. The city’s moving up here.”

After taking another sip of her ice tea, she continued dispiritedly, “There are so many down there. I see them at all the intersections. One of them holding up a sign saying ‘In the name of Jesus, help me. Out of work’” she scoffs. “And they won’t even come to church. My nephew has been talking to one of them, trying to get him to come to church. He gave him some money once and then watched him go around the corner and buy alcohol with it.” …

… and why voter fraud is not the issue we need to be worrying about in our election process.

With the primaries quickly approaching, absentee ballots and their associated frustrations have been a hot topic of conversation between Corey and me and some of our other American acquaintances here in Spain. The process of voting from abroad is full of hassles and more steps than your average River Dance performance. For anyone who has never had the distinct pleasure of voting from abroad, let me break this down for you.

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Actual user footage.

In order to vote in the PA primaries, I had to email the voting office to receive an automatic reply with the form that I needed to fill out to request my absentee ballot. I had to print and fill out this form and then mail it to my County Board of Elections office. My County Board of Elections office then sent me an EMAIL with a long, complicated process for accessing and downloading my ballot, which I then also had to print and mail in. …


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