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Amazon S3 storage is pretty good choice to store assets for your web based projects, it is highly available and it is not expensive — you might want to see pricing and consider of using it with your next project. If you are good with usage of Amazon products, once assets are on S3 you can configure Amazon Cloudfront (CDN) which can use S3 as a source — isn’t that great?

In this example I would like to walk you through simple implementation of uploading files to S3 including resizing of images which can be useful in many cases.

Amazon S3 Configuration

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Sooner or later, during the time when you are developing applications — especially those which are web based, you will come across a problem for example on how to send transactional emails effectively and cost-effective. In this article I would like to introduce you to Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) which can significantly improve your email deliverability and which provides advanced solutions to protect your main domain and to get notifications to handle bounces and complaints. It is incredibly powerful and easy to use solution from Amazon.

Quick overview through Amazon SES

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Recently I’ve started to play around with Vue, something which I didn’t really want to even start to code with for a long time, just because I was in love with React (before React it was Angular 1) — which from the very beginning was impressing me with how it was done comparing at that time to Angular, it was new experience.

Going back to Vue — if you haven’t tired it yet, I think it is time to reconsider that and give some time for learning Vue. …

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