South Korean Brides: Amazing on the Inside, Hellishly Attractive on the Outside

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South Korean Bride

Asian brides have been mesmerizing males around the world for decades. There are vital reasons: they’re naturally youth-looking, smart, and loyal. The most popular among them are South Korean mail order brides who have high values when it comes to committing relationships. The image of a South Korean wife fits perfectly every man on the planet. That’s what makes these South Korea and Southeast Asian brides so alluring to foreigners.

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Why do South Korean women become mail order brides?

A mail order bride is a woman who registers at a special dating platform and searches for a husband online. She’s now here for a casual hookup or friends-with-benefits-situations, she desires meaningful relationships.

South Korean women for marriage have their logical reasons to become mail order brides and you’re about to learn a few of them.

The first and most common reason lies in the fact that South Korean wives are demanded too many responsibilities from their spouses. It means, their local husbands desire to see them not more than a housewife and a mother of children.

This traditional family picture doesn’t work for all the South Korea mail order brides because their pursuit of a career and literal freedom of action is more important to them. Hence, they aspire to meet foreigners who have nothing against the self-development of their South Korean partner.

The second reason lies in the general respect for another culture. South Korean girls for marriage have been raised to appreciate their culture but most of them are open to the world and want to absorb other cultural characteristics into their life.

Lastly, South Korean local males do not always pursue marriage and might be even repelled by the whole idea of wedlock. Modern guys prefer casual dating that has no specific goal or label. Korean women find it immature, therefore, registering on dating platforms to meet truly attractive and assertive males who desire the same things as they do.

Are marriages between foreigners and South Korean women popular?

International marriages are more accessible than ever before. You can find the love of your life on the dating platform, interact, and enjoy a real date which can gradually move you to engagement.

Asian women every year are more attached to the idea of finding a foreign husband. You have seen the reasons why in the aforementioned point. Marriages are getting more frequent and in 2021 there were 297 South Korean who obtained a K-1 visa.

It’s important to state that this figure is less compared to Japanese brides but definitely higher than Nepal or Laos.

Therefore, mail order brides South Korea choose Americans as their husbands most of the time because they love their values and traditions. Plus, The United States is a country proposing more opportunities for personal growth and career development.

Pros and cons of dating South Korean mail order brides

We are all different and when we meet someone, especially from another country we might get perplexed by some characteristics our partner demonstrates to us. Thus, it’s better to get prepared before jumping into a relationship with either a Filipina bride, a South Korea bride, or any other international girl.

Single brides South Korea have both similarities and differences from European or American ladies. If you don’t know whether a girl from South Korea is worth your time and energy, keep reading the article.

✅ Pros

  • South Korea and Southeast Asian brides are focused on one and only men if they understand there is something serious between them. For example, if you’re texting her daily and later move to phone calls, she will treat it as a sign of respect, therefore, commitment. She will no longer be interested in another guy and concentrate on you.
  • South Korean foreign brides appreciate their partners and celebrate various anniversaries with them. They’re also generous and can give you luxury presents, from exquisite designers, like T-shirts, watches, bags, etc.
  • Brides from South Korean are extremely beautiful. They usually look much younger than their actual age. Their pale-ivory skin is often taken care of by expensive cosmetic procedures and healthy dieting.
  • A South Korean mail order bride is humble and shy. So, if you get on the first date, you can notice that she won’t be talking too much. Also, the silent moments are okay for South Korea women. Moreover, they find them peaceful and genuine.
  • Women from South Korea desire a family life. They were raised to be prepared for certain responsibilities and their culture tells them to get married and have kids. However, modern girls just want to get married and feel no need to get pregnant right away.

❌ Cons

  • Girls don’t rush physically. That’s why kissing or hugging them after the first date is not a good idea. They prefer a nice waving gesture and a tender smile.
  • South Korea ladies rarely care about public displays of attention and often would rather go somewhere separately, without holding hands or kissing. This happens especially during the daylight. When the night comes a public display of attention doesn’t intimidate them anymore.
  • They love the “couple looks”. South Korean girls often ask their partners to purchase the same clothing and go out on the street. This may be both a con and a pro because some men adore looking alike with their women while for others it’s a tad weird.

How to attract a South Korea girlfriend?

The art of attraction is complicated because we are different human beings who want different things. But there are general rules which work for almost every seriously-oriented guy who aspires to get married to a foreign woman, in this case, a South Korean girl.

We don’t guarantee, you’ll abruptly win her heart by following this advice but definitely attract a mail order bride South Korea.

  1. Initiate communication. Don’t wait for the text from the girl online but be the one who breaks the ice. Start with a nice question or a lovely compliment.
  2. Always stay in touch with a South Korea bride. No matter whether you’ve had a date already or are about to get on one later, be consistent and let her know you think of her daily.
  3. Don’t kiss or hug her after the first date. This may repel a South Korean girl. Instead, wave and smile gently to her.
  4. Be curious about her culture and interests. Ask questions, and give interesting comments. Make sure, you’re curious enough for her to open up to you.
  5. Send her presents. South Korean women love sending presents but they appreciate getting them on their own.
  6. Set up an engaging date when the activities are going to be new for both of you. This will help you see each other from a different angle and enjoy the fun.

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Are Korean brides legal? And how much do they cost?

South Korean marriage agency admit local women who want to legally marry a foreigner. Therefore, Korean brides are legal and you can marry them easily (of course, under their consent as well).

Now, we’re moving to the general cost. The cost for the Korean bride is divided into 3 points: online dating, offline dates, and a K-1 visa. All of them require some amount of money.

Online dating

  • Online communication (texting, calls) may take $200 for one month.
  • Gifts (here everything depends on your generosity). On average, it’s $400–$500.
  • The request for a real date takes an additional $100–$200.

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Offline date

This is the time when you decide to see each other in person to make the decision to either marry or not. Or you just simply desire to enjoy a nice date. You will need to fly to South Korea and here’s the cost for everything:

  • The two-way ticket from LA to South Korea may take $1,000–$1,500.
  • A two-week stay at the hotel on whirls around $1,500.
  • Transportation: taxi costs $200–$300 for two weeks.
  • Food. Meals are quite cheap in South Korea. You may spend around $200–$300.

A K-1 visa

This is your obligatory visa for legal marriage in the United States. Its general cost depends on the country but with a South Korean bride, it might be $2,000.

Therefore, a South Korean bride may cost $5,000.


Are South Korean Brides legal?

Yes, brides from South Korea are legal and you can legally marry them in the USA after obtaining a K-1 visa. The general cost for a visa range from $2,000 to $3,000. When you get your visa, you may get married within the first 90 days in North America.

Are Korean brides real?

Yes, mail order brides from Korea are real. You can find them on various reputable dating platforms and text the first liked girl online. Later, you can enjoy a nice date with her and gradually move from casual to serious relationships with a Korea girlfriend.

Are Korean women loyal?

This is the obligatory rule #1 for South Korean brides. They appreciate loyalty and take it seriously. Besides, they demand the same from their spouses. In case of betrayal, they rarely forgive their partners.

How to get a Korean wife?

Getting a Korean wife is now easier than it was before. You look for a trustworthy website, create a real profile, and start searching for Korean women online. You should text her first and later ask for a real date. During the real date couples usually understand whether they want to move forward by getting married or stop the communication.

How to attract Korean brides?

You need to be consistent with a girl online by texting her and calling her every day. Besides, giving presents, and setting for engaging dates will upgrade your relationships. Be kind, supportive, caring, and never jealous. This will win her “heart”.



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