Learn how to create catchy isometric illustrations with no grid, using 3D effects in Adobe Illustrator.

Beer bottles made with 3D effect “Revolve”

Whether you want to bring some life, visualize boring data, explain the onboarding process of your app or avoid using low-quality photos your client provided you with, illustrations got you covered on all fronts.

Isometric illustrations are one of the most popular styles in the recent years because of their three-dimensional representation of depth in 2d space. And now you can become a master of them in this 6 step tutorial! Impress your clients, delight users and step up your illustrations skills.

​​I created my first isometric illustration some 7 years ago, while studying painting. I googled a few tutorials…

Majo Puterka

Web & app product designer with kick-ass illustration skills. Get in touch at hello@majoputerka.com

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