Brief: Aim of this app is to wake up the people when they reached their destination without disturbing others. In this process mobile battery consumption has to be consumed less than the available options.

Note: We have collected information from real-time bus passengers while returning from Coimbatore to Karur. We have come up with a conceptual solution for this.

1. Slept during night travel
2. New to place, could not catch up the conductors voice
3. The child gets disturbed when the conductor gives a reminder about the particular stop.
4. …

In my previous blog, I was talking about basic things about apple app accelerator centre in Bangalore. Today, I would like to share my one to one discussion experience with Apple experts.

By the end of December 2017, Apple had published time slots for one to one meeting for the month of January. Within an hour, all the time slots were booked and I have been added to the waiting list for the slot of 12pm — 1pm, Jan 22, 2018. …

A few months back Apple has commenced their app accelerator centre in Bangalore, India. India has one of the most vibrant and exciting iOS developers’ communities, with tens of thousands of developers. The app accelerator will help you fast-track your apps so you can become part of this thriving app economy. I along with my teammates visited the app acceleration centre. Sharing my one to one meeting experience with Apple experts was my first idea, but without telling about Apple app accelerator centre it won’t be meaningful to talk about one to one meeting experience. …

Building apps and looking to leverage the mobile platform to get more users for your business is good but the success of app would be determined by the user engagement and activity of the app.

Following are the metrics to be considered to understand the user behaviour and to engage them accordingly.

No. of Downloads:

The number of installs is the most important metric for the app to be successful, hence it should be large. It is essential to provide protection and security against threats and spams to attract a huge customer base. …

Mobile apps made its presence in all areas right from education to shopping. As a result, the expectations of the users have been raised, making them impatient towards any problematic app. If the app fails to satisfy the user expectations of quick load, the user tends to uninstall the app or switch to an alternative.

Factors including network strength, app complexity, app design, app testing and peak usage affect the performance of an app.

In this post, we will examine the ways to overcome those poor performance issues and thereby enhancing its performance.

Load Data as Needed:

A mobile app…

The wearable devices have brought a significant digital transition around the world. The wearables are portable gadgets that can be carried all over the place thus, much of the success depends upon the experience of the users and how does the application works. The purpose of the wearable application should be clearly defined. The idea on which your app is based should be imagined with right ease of use and assets to achieve success in highly competitive modern automation world.

It’s necessary to examine what elements should be taken into consideration while building up the applications for the wearable gadgets.

Mobile apps are gaining substantial position in every business practices. Technologies for mobile app development are emerging over years whereas it is mandatory for the app development companies to have the latest technology to create competitive edge thereby gaining the market position.

In this post, we will look out the technologies which made its identity in 2017 and seem to rule the upcoming years.


The new availability and advancement of AI and machine learning are causing a revolutionary shift in the way that developers, businesses, and users think about intelligent interactions within mobile applications. Combining AI technology with…

Electronic Commerce (or E-commerce)apps enable the transactions to be done over the electronic medium such as the Internet. The app should primarily highlight the objectives of the business such as lead generation, gain market position, profit growth, customer base, etc. which varies according to the type of business undertaken. Some commonly used E-commerce apps such as Amazon, Walmart, Paytm, Starbucks and Uber plays a vital role in driving the marketing efforts to next level. In this post, we will see in detail about the 7 factors to be taken care of before creating an E-Commerce application.

Managing memory and avoiding leaks is a crucial part of any programming language. Memory leaks happen certain memory is allocated to set of objects but deallocation is never initiated. Hence the system can never reclaim the allocated memory which eventually means it will run out of available memory for an app.

Swift uses Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) for memory management. However, there are situations in which retain cycles occur(holding a strong reference to an object which indeed is a reference to other).

Retention cycles in Delegates

Delegates enable loosely coupled relationship between objects but delegates are been referenced strongly.Consider …

Estimote Beacons:

The applications build with beacon is used widely nowadays which offers a wide variety of opportunities, but there are more challenges when it comes to the testing team. Beacons are small, low of the cost, easily portable and pieces operated by a battery which can be easily attached to a wall. which uses Bluetooth connections to transmit data regularly. The beacon can be detected on any mobile devices which supports Bluetooth low energy and can detect other beacons nearby.

Low energy emitted by Bluetooth is used by beacons to broadcast signals which are gathered up by a compatible…

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