To be Frank!

I have recently bought a new mobile phone from some X brand which costs ₹37K. These phones are actually manufactured in the USA, assembled in some other country, and imported into my country.

When I check the price for that phone in the USA it costs around 500$ if I convert that into in INR the values is almost same 35–37K

I actually checked the price of that phone in different countries and converted and compared the price with INR it is almost the same. I didn’t see any big difference.

Note: Product specification, price, quality, etc…

In JavaScript, there are three ways(Keywords) to declare a variable.

  1. Const
  2. Let
  3. Var

1) Const:

When you want to declare a variable that will hold a value that will never ever change in other wards variable declared with const can’t be reassigned.

Note: Const variables are not immutable, But object and array declared const variables can be mutated.

const pi = 3.14;
pi = 1.43; // Will raise an error, pi can't be reassigned
const person = {}, phoneNumbers = ["0123-456-789"];
person['name'] = "SivaMani" // This is Valid, Not an error
console.log(; // SivaMani
console.log(phoneNumbers); // ["0123-456-789"] phoneNumbers.push("0987-654-321") // This is Valid…

You are not just an Option to me, You are my Emotion..

A Friend named HTML:

I have a friend named “HTML”. He looks simple & very structured, it is so easy to deal with him. He helped me to communicate information over the world wide web. We are doing okay but we want to have some fun in life, then we joined with CSS.

Crush on CSS :

“Css’”— Awe!— He is super cool, super stylish, very expressive & I always have crush on him. When ever i see him, I feel so excited to know more about him. He makes my world colourful, I like that…

Protocols used in authentication / authorization : OpenID, OAuth2, SAML

Authentication is about validating your credentials such as Username and password to verify your identity. The system then checks whether you are what you say you are using your credentials.

Authorization occurs after your identity is successfully authenticated by the system, it verifies your rights to grant you access to resources only after determining your ability to access the system and up to what extent. In other words.


OpenID is an open standard for authentication, promoted by the non-profit OpenID Foundation. As of March 2016, there are over a billion…

Senior Front-End Developer

I want someone to pay Me 💰

For doing exciting and challenging position as a Senior Front-End Developer, to further enhance organisational worth owing to my knowledge in Frontend Technologies and full stack development. Expanding professional knowledge, improve work performance, making the right decisions to complete the work goals in time.

I Believe in my Skills & Abilities 📚

Covered 70% Not Bad ah!

Html, CSS, JavaScript, Vuejs, Vuex, Node, Ajax, JQuery, Bootstrap, W3CSS, SASS, SCSS, Webpack, Python, Django, ExpressJs, Socket.IO, Chart.js, Cytoscape, Java, JSON, MongoDB, Oracle, Postgres, Aws, Nginx, Docker, Git (

The only Source of Knowledge is Experience 👩🏻‍💻

BabyManisha. Sunkara

I am a front-end developer located in AP, India. I have six+ years of professional experience in developing small to large-scale websites and web-applications.

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