Combine Design Thinking, Lean Startup & Agile (Gartner, 2017)

Lean is merely a set of tools, and Agile is a mindset and thus more valuable (Shalloway, 2009). Others state that Lean trumps Agile because of its scalability, allowing multiple teams to work together on a project with easier synchronisation of iteration cycle results and feedback (Woods, 2010).


High-Quality Work produced = (Time Spent) X (Intensity of Focus) (Newport, 2016)

The benefits of Agile over Waterfall include better collaboration between staff, teams, clients and customers they are representing. Iterative nature process improves quality in the final piece, as defects are exposed immediately instead of during the testing phase at the end (Woods, 2010).


Today’s globalized world, companies have been trying to change from a hierarchical approach of P.M. to one that is more collaborative way. (Fernandez, 2009). Instead of building the whole product, — you build the smallest possible useful part and give it to users, who communicate

you what is right and what is wrong’ essentially performing a market trial run (Woods, 2010). “This allows for the continual improvement of concept, design, and development ‘in a way that is lighter, faster and more people-centric” (Molhanec, 2007).

Manifesto for Agile Software Development: We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it…


The waterfall method is said to have only be a two-sided relationship between development phases. each phase linked back to its predecessor acknowledging potential iterations. (Winston W. Royce) A traditional approach to P.M. With a clear “command-and-control” style in which each role is clearly separated, tasks are completed sequentially, feeding into each other (Moe et al, 2009). This hierarchical approach allows little delineation from set tasks, as each stage must be completed prior to moving on to the next stage. (Moe et, al 2009)

Waterfall follows an safe easy value push pull system equation of time + money = quantity

(Fig: 12.3) Minimum Lovable Vs. Minimum Viable (Warburton, 2016)

Prototyping encourages a cycle of action and reflection (Somerville, 2016) it’s tangible creation of Artefacts at various levels of resolution, for development and testing ideas of ideas within design teams and with the clients and users. (Warfel and Gary, 2009)

Ideation Methodologies

Make the process work for you with confidence and an environment to fully Ideate so that the best solution is created. (Wildman, 2016) As you
have deduced the actual question to solve or challenge, you start ideating. (Cooper-Wright, 2016) This is the fun part and you should restrain from limiting yourself and approach with a free mind. Don’t judge others during ideation, instead apply a “yes, and…” rather than a “no…” or “yes, but…” mentality. (Hyper Island, 2016) Let anything happen at this point building upon each other’s ideas. (Wildman, 2016)

(Fig: 10.5) IDEO Recommended Stages (Cooper-Wright, 2016)

Lot’s of notes requires a constant structure, so give each member individual time to ‘pre- download thoughts’ (Fig: 10.1) to then present collectively to the group. (Winfield, 2016)

(Fig: 9.1) Research snapshot


Approach not as experts or advisors (sowing seeds of cause) but as researchers, having a single chance to provide a robust synopsis
of high level overviews; with assistance of a discussion guide (IDEO, 2015) to reveal ‘archetypal- patterns’ (universal cultural identities, social biases & basic metaphors), of disposition, (Jung, 1981) by asking open questions first-hand personal accounts of experience, attitudes, opinions, and snapshots (Fig: 9.1) of the users perspective to be captured. (Kuniavsky et al., 2012)

Establishing comfortable social environmental zones (home’s, office’s & bars) where users can share their insights (research or prototype) without bias. …

(Fig: 8.1) Outliers Bell-curve (Extreme vs. Mainstream) (Says, 2008) & Technology Adoption Life-cycle (Bohlen, Joe M.; Beal, George M. ,1957)

“Research set’s the tempo from day one”, therefore it’s critical to question the brief (relationship & relevance) to the user and industry stakeholders ensuring both partners are treated respectfully and sympathetically.(Cooper-Wright, 2016)

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