Unanswered questions from Ramayana and Mahabharata

Many people consider Ramayana which is a poetic and Mahabharata which is prosaic story, history of India whereas many people consider them mythology and fictions.

Though there is no archaeological evidence of both Ramayana and Mahabharata, they are being believed from centuries in India. In both stories human to non-human dimensions were depicted and human limits were over leaped.

There are hundreds of points in both stories which are in clear conflict with science and common sense. I am pointing few of them here.

  1. In ramayana many non human species were depicted like wamars, raakshasas, bird species which act like humans (Jatayu & Sampati). Why we don’t find these species now. why we never found fossils of these species.
  2. In ramayana Hanuman did many supernatural works for ram and lakshamana like flying over the ocean, cutting, lifting and flying with himalaya mountain to bring sanjeevani booti for laxman, these are still ok but Hanuman also took sun into his mouth, sun has temp of 27 million degree, according to physics our solar system including earth can not be stable in absence of sun.
  3. In ramayana Maricha transformed himself to golden deer in order to help ravana for kidnapping Sita. According to science both things converting to deer and golden deer is not possible.
  4. If ram was God then he must know that golden deer was a trap to kidnap Sita then why did he went behind it.
  5. In ramayana Ravana sacrificed his head to God brahma, but it’s not possible for anybody to live after beheading. He had 10 heads which is also biologically not possible.
  6. Acoording to mahabharata Sun was a God and father of Karna but science has proved that sun is spherical star of hot plasma.
  7. According to mahabharata Indra devta (father of Arjun) is responsible for rain but science has proved that there is no role of Indra or any God in raining.
  8. In mahabharata Ganga (river) was wife of Shantnu. A river being wife and mother doesn’t make any sense.
  9. Why didn’t kansa put devaki and vasudev in separate jails if he was afraid of her son.
  10. Gandhari and dhritrashtra had 100 sons (Karavas), it is biological impossible to give 100 births in a life time.
  11. Abhimanyu heard Chakravyuh bhedan with in mother Subhadra’s womb, which logically is not possible as infant in womb doesn’t understand any language.
  12. In mahabharata Gandhari made body of Duryodhana of iron by looking at him, I don’t understand how it happened.
  13. Killing 18 akshohini sena (6 million) people in 18 days without mass destruction weapon is impossible.
  14. According to mahabharat and Puarana Sheshnag holds earth on his hood, which now has been proved false by science.
  15. Both Ramayana and mahabharata have mentioned paatal lok, now it has been proved that there is no concept of patal lok, earth is not hollow.

There are many other such questions, which suggest that both ramayana and mahabharat are probably fictions.

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