8 useful enhancements in Navigator 2.2 you should not miss out

Mapfactor Navigator 2.2, new version of the best rated offline gps navigation app for Android devices, was released at the beginning of September. This new version brings many useful changes and improvements.

1. Alternative routes for all route types

Fastest Alternative routes were introduced as a premium feature in Navigator 2.1. Navigator 2.2 now also offers alternatives for shortest and cheapest routes.

Alternative routes — fastest and shortest route optimisations

2. Redesigned Settings dialogue

Navigator 2.2 introduces a major change in the Settings menu. The new Settings are better arranged into 8 sub-groups for easier use:

  • Vehicle profiles
  • Navigation
  • Localisation
  • Map customisation
  • Map manager
  • Orientation
  • Advanced
  • Donate

3. New Customisable Map Toolbar

The new customisable map toolbar will be appreciated by all users. The new toolbar is displayed after tapping on the map. Users can select which buttons to display.

4. Customisable colour of the navigation arrow

The default red colour of the navigation arrow can now be changed to any colour you wish in Settings/Map customisation/Other colours/GPS arrow colour (available only for GL rendering users).

Original colour of the navigation arrow (red) and customised colour of the navigation arrow (green)

5. Custom volume for Navigator sounds

Also new is an advanced setting for sound output. It is now possible to select a custom channel for Navigator.

6. Lane assistant

The lane assistant has been moved to the top of the screen and better-designed. Now the arrows are more visible and bigger making it easier to see which lane to use.

More visible and bigger lane assistant of Navigator 2.2

7. Improved Head Up Display

The Head Up Display for displaying night-time driving instructions on your windscreen has been improved for better visibility.

8. Choose which Point-of-interest icons to display on the map

In Settings/Map customisation/POI types it is possible to disable individual POI types from displaying on the map. So, for example, you can turn off shops if you do not want to see them on the map. Previously you had to disable the whole Shopping and Eating Out category which includes ten POI types.

Version 2.2 of MapFactor Navigator also brings improved Bluetooth audio, many stability improvements and faster GL rendering and other fixes.

Have you found these features interesting? Have you not tried the Navigator app yet? Simply download mapFactor Navigator, the free offline gps navigation, from Google Play Store or Windows Store and give it a try. :-)