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In his book “Limitless”, learning expert Jim Kwik shows the best techniques to improve your learning ability without limits. I looked at the best tips to become a super learner.

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Creating an automated marketing campaign without a “big” suite.

That’s how it feels to replace Hubspot with cheaper individual tools. Source: Shutterstock /

A Thomas Cook airplane. Now grounded. By Von Milborn / Wikipedia

“A thought flashed through my brain — what a glorious thing it would be if the newly developed powers of railways and locomotion could be made subservient to the promotion of temperance.” [1]

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I had the exciting experience of recruiting three software developers for my blockchain startup I received about 150 applications for each position and realized that there is quite some competition out there. I want to share my conclusions to help you stick out from the crowd and land your dream job. I will share some things that you don’t find in the usual how-to-apply articles.

1. Understand the recruiter’s position

2. The CV comes last

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Rebecca Portnoff from Berkley University created an algorithm that can track sex traffickers with the help of Bitcoin.

Step 1: the offer

A headline as real as if we were there. Source:

“Unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of…

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I have collected the best wisdom from countless books on trading, sifted them through the strainer and used them to bake the 12 golden rules.

1. There is no win-win situation

Only Cash Makes Happy. Or Does It? Photo: Jonathan Saavedra (Unsplash)

Will Bitcoin prevail as a means of payment and in which areas? Let’s first look at what Bitcoin sets out to replace: Credit cards.

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