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A computer scientist who works on a daily basis with TypeScript and Node.js, passionate about Computer Vision and Robotics.

During this crazy period, we have heard a lot about hygiene and understood that, in some cases, we underestimated its importance; but, do you know that there might be hygiene habits that you can take for your beloved software as well?

When I talk about your code hygiene measures, I don’t expect you to have a clean and bright theme on your IDE, no-no.

I’m mostly referring to readability, neat style, and attention to detail that will ease your and the other's coding experience.

I have to admit it, when I review code I tend to be pretty picky about…

Hello everyone,
a few years ago, it was 2013 actually, I started working on a website called “”; so far I have done all by myself (front-end, back-end, design, promotion, etc…) and spent many hours on this side project but, strangely, without being 100% committed to spreading it. — new version

In the meanwhile, I always tried to contribute as much as I could to other open-source projects and, due to my actual job and life in general, the time spent on quickly ran out of juice. So I decided to give it a try.

About a month ago I released all…

Digital fashion, digital clothing, virtual top-models are becoming a fact.
It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of when…

If now we are bombarded with models of a certain beauty, soon we will have to deal with digital artifacts that will go beyond our common archetypes. They will possibly create a new type of “objects of desire”.

Shudu Gram — IG:

About 3 years ago, I’ve started a side project named “FFaaS — FoodFacts as a Service”; the aim was to create a web-service + a web-app capable of analyzing a recipe, given as an input, and extract some meaningful nutrition data from it.

The kick-off has been pretty fast, in a couple of weeks I managed to have a very first functioning version ready-ish to be used.

And here it is the sketchy UI; only in Italian, float numbers in a pretty ugly format but, hey, it was just a PoC after all… and it had a basic set of…

photo by john mcsporran

(Versione Italiana a fondo pagina)

Saying hello to all the adventures out there, to the ones who can’t live their days without getting a whiff of fresh air; saying hello to our future users which, we hope, will find our service useful for their adventures; saying hello also to the ones who will be there to correct us, you will help us to grow up faster.

Saying hello to, with which we aim to aggregate sparse data and normalize them … because the information is beautiful (and useful) only when well organized ;-)

We started releasing some basic features…

Every developer, during its own lifetime, has to deal with a deeply grounded doubt; before choosing the best language or the preferred editor, (sh|h)e has to join a side… a dark or a bright one.

This tricky decision has divided entire teams, struggled bunches of brogrammers, broken couples of beloved coders, set up wrong configurations in dozens of IDEs…

It’s the unfortunate choice between SPACE and TAB to indent and align the source code; a timeless debate which, for someone, it’s a concrete war between factions!

Hello my friend,
if you are here is because you are probably interested in sentiment analysis and Node.js.

First thing first, let’s introduce what an AFINN document is, for those who lack the definition.

AFINN is a list of English words rated for valence with an integer
between minus five (negative) and plus five (positive). The words have
been manually labeled by Finn Årup Nielsen in 2009–2011
details here

Even though in the era of the DL/ML (Deep Learning/Machine Learning) a dictionary based solution might be not that exciting, it still could be a good compromise for those who…

Cosa accade quando si affida la propria vita a degli automi? Chi è responsabile delle loro conseguenze e come possiamo, noi, difenderli da un eventuale pregiudizio rispetto ai loro errori?

Artwork by Анна Кузина

“0. Un robot non può recare danno all’ umanità, né può permettere che, a causa del proprio mancato intervento, l’umanità riceva danno.

1. Un robot non può recar danno a un essere umano né può permettere che, a causa del proprio mancato intervento, un essere umano riceva danno. Purché questo non contrasti con la Legge Zero.

2. Un robot deve obbedire agli ordini impartiti dagli esseri umani, purché tali ordini…

Hello my friend,
if you are here you are probably looking for a simple but powerful piece of code for your PHP project which is just about to be kicked off.

Before we start, let’s say something undeniable… we have a plethora, in the PHP ecosystem, of libraries and frameworks that let you (quite easily) implement a REST service for your solution; I’m not here to tell you which one of them is the best, if you want otherwise to understand what it might be at their deepest core, you’ll get some hints reading this story.

Let’s start from some basic concepts

What is a route and how it is handled

If you want to…

Marcello Barile

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