How To Add Spaced Repetition to Evernote

Problem :

No automated way to resurface Evernote notes & highlights with Spaced Repetition patterns (e.g., in 1, 5, 15, 30, 60 days) to push them into your long-term memory circuits.

Solution :

Use a free, lightweight NeuraCache app with seamless sync + spaced repetition mechanism.

How :

Step 1 :

Connect NeuraCache app (IOS or Android) with Evernote.

It’s fast, no signup, your notes are safe on your device.

NeuraCache will download to your device only notes/notebooks that you select.

Step 2 :

Just add “@” tag to any of your notes — done. No need to open NeuraCache.

Optionally: You can choose notebooks to sync from within the app.

NeuraCache by default will resurface your note the next day, then in 5 days, 15, 30 and 60. There are other patterns to choose from.

If you open the NeuraCache app, you will see your note along with the pattern and its current state. You can combine this technique with many more that NeuraCache offers.


Want to learn more efficiently and get compound results from your notes/books/insights?

There is much more you can do with NeuraCache



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