How to Review Evernote Notes as Decks with Flashcards

Problem :

No Simple way to review Evernote Notes as FlashCards.

Solution :

Review notes on the go from your mobile, based on Evernote tags/notebooks using Active Recall technique.

How :

Lightweight flow from mobile app → select Evernote tag/notebook → swipe left/right to see your notes as flashcards using note title as Recall Question or setting a custom Recall Question per note.

Step 1 :

Sync your Evernote Notebooks to NeuraCache or use “@” tag to import specific notes. Tags associated with imported notes will be extracted automatically.

Step 2 :

Enable “Use Titles as Recall Questions” switch in Settings

Step 3 :

Select deck (notebook or tag) that you would like to review, and enter Review Mode

Step 4 :

Answer the Question about your note (Active Recall technique).

Reveal contents of your note and compare with how much you remembered.

Swipe left to go to next note in the deck.

Optionally: store information regarding how much you remember using a simple slider at the bottom — to feed spaced repetition algorithm for each note.

Read more about Spaced Repetition in NeuraCache here

Additionally :

For each note, you can add a custom Recall Question.


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