Dear all the crafters and creators out there,

So it’s been a little over three months since my campaign on Kickstarter. I admitted that I had a “launch lust,” a state where I couldn’t wait to complete my funding. It was a bumpy road with a couple of hiccups along the way. I learned that Kickstarter is bigger than just the money you raise. Here are some crucial things I learned from crowdfunding and I believe that they can be applied to anything and anyone.

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👉 The power or now

You have been designing, iterating, and nitpicking your products for years but you are not quite sure if it is ready. Me too. I procrastinated for months until I realized the best time to do it is NOW. Don't let that fear of losing overpower the excitement of winning. Remember, failure is a formula for all winners. Automatically concluding “I can’t do it” is a sign of mental laziness. …

It is time to step away from the internet with your hands above your head. Something beautiful happens when we put down our devices. We are not creating enough. We are swapping the act of creation with scrolling and clicking on devices.

We were given two hands to create. Creating something your two hands has mental and environmental benefits. We may not notice it at face value because creating something can seem laborious or even daunting to some people

  1. Relaxation
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Regularly creating something with your own two hands will engage your creative flares in all areas of your life. …

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Fast-fashion is about getting clothes online and the shop floor as quickly as possible, the process is often unethical and unsustainable. We are the reason why these fast-fashion businesses exist.

After getting my foot in the fashion industry. My relationship with fashion has changed tremendously. I used to make multiple online purchases a week. But in the end, I would always resort back to wearing my staples primarily because of my retail therapy incident. Retail therapy is shopping with the purpose of improving one’s disposition.

A lot of my friends are suffering from what we called a “ fashion affliction” We buy clothes we think we love instead of wearing them. …


marisa chentakul

Founder of Mesh, Co-host of Design Picnic

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