A journey to A Sweet Affair bakery in the East Bay

Come for the cookies; stay for the nostalgia.

A Sweet Affair Bakery has served fresh baked goods and sandwiches to the East Bay since 1984. With piles of sugar sacks and antique diner memorabilia covering the walls, the bakery is something of a time capsule.

(Read while doing your best David Attenborough impression)

The Sierra Nevada is a natural arena of globally renowned wonders, such as Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park. There are parts in this 400-mile mountain range, however, that even indigenous Californians have scarcely covered. One such place lies only two hours from the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s name (pause) is Arnold.


Love and Confusion in Northern Italy

Part 1

You see the young man in the outdoor market there, picking up the barrel of plums he just knocked over? That’s me. Porter. The Malian-Italian girl next to him, gathering her family’s plums from the ground, that’s Luna. This is where we met.

Cattolica, Italy — June 2014

With remarks of Porter’s carelessness surely peppered in, Luna’s been ranting about something since she came over to pick up the fruit. Porter, on the other hand, thinks he just fell in love.

“I am sorry, very very, it was…” Porter refers to his phrasebook, “accident.”

Luna mutters through Porter’s…

Mark Mizera

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