What Are The Best Working Pheromones?

The best pheromones use androstenone, androstenol, and androsterone. One of the best pheromones is Pherazone.


Pherazone is only available online but it is considered to be the best pheromone.

These days, opening a fashion magazine becomes an unplanned journey into the world of scent. Pockets of fragrance lie tucked within the pages, their molecules sneaking out to tickle your nostrils. If you pull the fragrance flap apart, the scent experience heightens.

Pheromones are a byproduct of the hormones that are already inside the body. As a matter of fact, pheromones and hormones are almost one and the same. Pheromones are technically called ectohormones, and they work outside the body. Hormones work inside. Most hormones that are transformed into pheromone production are 16-androstenes. This explains why the most popular and most powerful pheromones have “andro” in their name. Check out my complete Pherazone review.

Alpha Maschio

Alpha Maschio from Alpha-Dream is a body mist that can be used to attract women. Two to three sprays are reported to last four hours, long enough to attract the woman of your dreams.

It comes in a variety of scents including deep musk, sandalwood, cedar, or patchouli, and also comes in an unscented version. The cost is $59.50, and it comes in a 1 fluid ounce (30ml) bottle.

It contains eight pheromones, four of which are considered unique.

The specific composition is: cyclomethicone, perfumer’s alcohol, deionized water, 17-phenylandrostadienone, androstanone, androstenone, androsterone, epiandrosterone, Dehydroepiandrosterone sodium sulfate, alpha-androstenol, dehydroisoepiandrosterone.

Alpha Maschio reportedly is effective in a ten foot radius of the wearer.

Why Should You Use Pheromones?

Most people purchase pheromones to feel more confident around women and increase their chances of getting laid. I began using pheromones after reading about the subconscious mind. I had read so many books on the subject I felt like I could teach a class all on my own. That was the point at which pretty much all progress stopped, no matter what I did.

The best way to use pheromones is like this …

Visualize yourself walking right up to her like it was the easiest thing in the world. See her smiling at you and asking you about yourself. See her laughing and touching your arm. See her writing her number down for you or grabbing your phone and putting it in.

Let your pheromone aura hypnotize her.

Without pheromones, I would often find myself troubled by women. The pheromones took the edge off and made it easy to attract women and feel confident about me. Pherazone was also the most effective pheromone cologne that I tried.

The Pheromone Fragrance Industry

Perfumes with human pheromones are perennially top sellers. This is why Pherazone continues to reap impressive profits.

Understanding Human Attraction

How does human attraction happen? Is it all about liking each other on a physical and intellectual level? Could something deeper be at play here?

Pheromones play an important role in the attraction process that all mammals experience. Humans are no exception. Though we’ve become an advanced species through the millennia, certain basic principles still remain valid.

Even today, pheromones do play a role in the attraction process. The manner in which they function is truly fascinating.

Pheromones Can Boost Relationships

If you are unable to be single, I think you have major issues you have to deal with by using pheromones. I believe before you can be happy in a relationship, you have to be happy being single.

My suggestion, learn how to be happy with yourself and without emotional attachment. Be happy without your girlie around. If you are single now, stay single for a whole year. Force yourself. Force yourself to learn how to live without attachment. You don’t need it. Now get close to people, get friends, have sex. But do it out of DESIRE instead of NEED.

Using Pheromones Around Women

When you use pheromones around, be vague, but don’t make it obvious that you’re using pheromones or the whole game is up. Just lead her to be curious about you. Make statements or tell stories that will make her ask questions to satisfy her curiosity. And when she asks, when she tries to crack that mystery, dodge the questions. Or find ways to put off answering them right away. This will give you a huge advantage in making her feel a connection.

The Future of Pheromones Research

Pheromone research continues to heat up. Stanford University in California has delved into this science. Their research shows MRI scans of the brain may be able to show the activation relationship between pheromones and the hypothalamus. This is known as “localization and identification of the neural substrates underlying pheromone processing in the human brain.” The Stanford scientists discussed their work at the 1997 International Symposium on Olfaction and Taste. It was held in San Diego, California.

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