The Kyles [a Hero Tears Tease]

Mark Roman Empire
2 min readMay 9, 2022


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Her team: The Kyles. One spelled with an “i”.

Star Trek brunch bickering with Caddyshack DiNozzo.

“No offense, DiNozzo” she caught herself thinking, immediately regretting it. Did that make her Mark Harmon? Baby-sitting some kind of Florida Spring Break mess. With badges and guns? More like Lt. Dangle in Miami, maybe. Um-hmm. On a less trying day, she’d probably chuckle. When did she last savor that, exactly?

The Kyles. She had grand nephews with more sense and cooperation skills than these prep-school clowns. In diapers. The grand nephews. Not her newly minted agents. (As far as she knew. But what IS that smell?!)

The Marines Corps hadn’t prepared her for this.

None of her medals in the back of the brassiere drawer had.

She braced herself with the promise of another night of Miles. Until passing out on her Yamaha. Those ivories sure leave a mark. Inkless tattoos of her saving solace.

And a Ka-Bar to the chest of a reminder. Of who she lost. And how.

“Wake up, Marine!”

The Director was clear. So was the Director’s boss.

Make this work. And quickly.

No pressure.


Hollywood Bowl

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