Strategy of “public IOTA” in 2018

Mar 21, 2018 · 5 min read

IOTA and the tangle offer many opportunities not only in the area of ​​the Internet of Things and technologically, it represents a new dimension in the applications of crypto currencies. The IOTA Foundation, its members and community do an excellent job on IOTA, both technologically and advance in development and application.

We are a small group of independend IOTA supporters who are excited about this cryptocurrency and its possibilities. With our project “public IOTA” we want to promote IOTA, the possibilities of the tangible and create potential, additional financial value for IOTA owners.

We have already presented the goals of public IOTA in 2 articles:

public IOTA — to move IOTA forward

public IOTA next steps

Some people have asked me: “what is the strategy for your goals?” Of cause we have devised a strategy to address our goals in 2018 but also in the following years. This will be touched on in the following.

We see ourselves as an additional, independent offer to the offers of the IOTA Foundation itself and other independent IOTA supporters, which often provide very good contend.

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To Make IOTA better known to a broader public

There are so many strong IOTA advocates and a lot of good content on the internet, so that a bundling of content through many strong cooperations makes sense to us. We have already contacted a number of independent IOTA supporters, but also members of the Foundation, and have received many positive feedback.

Contents are created by ourselves, but also provided by cooperation partners and third parties. It is our goal to create a database that enables everyone to reach their destination fast and uncomplicated in a thematic search. We rely on an existing very well-operated online database.

We want to provide a lot of information and explanations via conventional media, but also through social media, and thus reach a broad public. A technology that you talk about, which is well known, wants to prevail more quickly. Important for us, however, is the factual information, which must under no circumstances result in spam. We have already set up some social media accounts and more will follow.

Some IOTA developments are difficult to understand and sometimes it is no longer possible for the general public to follow here. That can have a negative effect. We will try to make these things easier to understand and explain.

Present selected IOTA applications in detail to show the future benefits

We are talking to a number of application developers. Selected applications will be presented and explained both on our platform and in selected articles.

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Digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things will be a big revolution and that will change our life. IOTA can play a big role in this. With articles and other presentations, we want to take the fear of this new territory and represent the positive effects on our quality of life. However, critical aspects should not be concealed.

By presenting new IOTA application ideas, we want to delight both the public and potential investors.

Counteract FUD and openly expose and prove the truth

FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, an insecure or deterrent communication strategy. IOTA has been exposed to a major FUD campaign in recent months. We want work to expose false arguments and read. We will do research and present and prove the truth to the public.

Show IOTA owners the possibilities of future revenue through IOTA

On our platform, we will create an area that shows the price developments of IOTA. For this we have already contacted with data suppliers and want to set up a classic tool that is available.

IOTA is not only a cryptocurrency but also a Tangle that can be used as a data carrier. These results may also be of benefit to IOTA owners. We want to present the financel possibilities on our platform.

Good IOTA applications will be more than ever an excellent business field in the future. Often the beginnings are difficult, especially the financial ones. We will show on our platform how initial difficulties can be overcome here.

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Possibilities of investing in the environment of IOTA applications and tangle applications

People and companies that built IOTA applications need often financial resources if they are not large corporations. Our platform aims to make investors aware of IOTA applications. The disposal of venture capital could be an option. This can create a win win situation

In future, new products will certainly be launched by banks. For example Future products or funds. We will report on it and show the possibilities.

Detailed presentation of companies using IOTA in terms of products, capabilities and future prospects will be on our platform.

Please donate for our project

Please keep in mind that we are a small independent group with no financial space. We appreciate any financial and other assistance with this project.

If you like our project, we would be happy to get support! The donations will be used to finance and realize the public IOTA Project. So also for coffee to do our nightly work.


It should be said again. We are or linked to any other way, we are an independent project. You should do your own research before investing, especially with respect to crypto currencies.


In May 2018 it is intended to launch a first version of this platform. This is where our home will be built

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