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As Andreas Klinger writes in his extremely insightful and practical post “Managing Remote Teams — A Crash Course”, a remote team needs roughly 5x process in comparison to a co-located team.

Process can sometimes be misinterpreted as bureaucracy, when it’s really trying to be the opposite of that. Good process is a set of clear rules and expectations that are easily accessible and easily followed. For a remote team, where you want to enable people to be as autonomous as possible, good process is essential.

Over the last month, we have been furiously documenting how we do things on our team (i.e. process), and I’ll be the first one to admit, it’s been a lot of work. However, we are starting to see results and as time goes by and the team grows, these benefits will grow exponentially. …

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Since I started writing this series of posts, everything around us went upside down. The whole world is now remote because of the corona virus. How has this impacted my team? To be honest, not much, and that’s the beauty of remote, you have more flexibility as a team.

Let’s look at how the team is progressing and what’s working.

Habits that are sticking

  • Daily checkins on Slack using Geekbot
  • Daily checkouts on Slack using Geekbot
  • Meeting notes sent to a public Slack channel using Geekbot
  • Impromptu meetings on Tandem
  • Screengrabs for information sharing and general documentation on Loom
  • Retros on…

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After presenting this option to the team and getting general buy in, we are kicking off with one remote day a week to start. The idea is that we can feel the pain gradually as we move forward.

Here’s the summary of the kick off deck. Note: The information below is heavily influenced by the resources mentioned in the first post of this series.

What does remote-first mean?

Remote people are not an afterthought, they first class citizens. Everyone should enjoy the same involvement, opportunities, and impact.

We are intentional about the tools that we use, how we plan a company culture to be as inclusive as possible of remote people while allowing everyone to be the most productive. …


Marko Vasiljevic

Tech Entrepreneur

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