IEO — the safe and transparent way to invest in a business — Exemplified by Marshal Lion

IEO as a model of financing projects is gaining popularity around the world. It has many things going for it, safety and transparency being the most important ones. But what is IEO anyway? It is short for “Exchange Initial Offering.” It is a model of community financing developed as part of the cryptocurrency industry and — consequently — relying on the
blockchain technology.

Why is this new kid on the block receiving the sort of attention that we are seeing? The reason is the aforementioned substantially greater ease and transparency of investment.

Up to this point, a company seeking investment had to typically issue stocks using the traditional stock exchange which still constitutes a reliable and well-regulated way of doing things. The problem is that nowadays it is difficult to enter the stock exchange because of the legal constraints in place.
Although legal regulations are crucially important on the market, it can stifle innovation if overdone. When analyzing the phenomenon of EIO, one can tell that the originators of this model had an implicit understanding of that fact. Not unlike a whole generation of young entrepreneurs.

EIO (much like ICO — Initial Coin Offering) takes the best bits of the stock exchange model and adds the transparency made possible by the blockchain technology (transactions using blockchain are recorded in real time in a decentralized database). In place of stocks, a company issues tokens which then allow those who purchase them access to the company’s services or serve as a “project-specific currency”.

EIO and the loans market

Marshal Lion’s experience, an already established database of clients and brand recognition are elements serving not only to increase trust with new clients, but also to boost the price of Marshal Lion’s proprietary token. Said token would be a great means of wallet diversification for any business savvy investor.

The price of the token is not to rely purely on the company’s image since that alone, although convincing, is not enough. The actual price of the products offered by Marshal Lion’s digital platform is what ultimately does the trick.

As part of its EIO, the company will issue a predefined number of tokens. Each one will be sold at a predefined price and the whole process will rely on smart contracts. All this automatizes the process and eliminates middlemen.

The Marshal Lion dedicated online platform will play host to the token as a way to invest in the products offered.

The quote the token creators: “the ease-of-use of the dedicated Marshal Lion digital platform will reduce the hurdles securing a non-bank loan to the necessary minimum which will draw in investors otherwise unable to take advantage of this potentially very useful market sector”.

Loans of the XXIst Century?

As has been exemplified, EIO can enhance the loans market significantly. It bolsters transparency and saves time while also doing away with middlemen.

It is worth remembering that, as opposed to stocks, tokens are immune to recession and the kinds of contagious suffering typical of market recessions that we are used to. Nobody is dragging down a token with them.
Marshal Lion will be one of the first companies in the world to base their operations on this new model. This fact is further reinforced by the market being as scalable as it is. A non-bank loans application can be published online in any language and take into account the characteristics of any local market. Thus, an application is made available globally. Marshal Lion is well aware of this capability to expand business ever further and is planning to utilize it to the fullest.

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Marshal issue objective is to create a blockchain-based platform that will grant investors easy, safe and comprehensive access to the non-bank lending market.

Marshal issue objective is to create a blockchain-based platform that will grant investors easy, safe and comprehensive access to the non-bank lending market.