Your guide to join Marshal Lion Group IEO.

Marshal Lion Group is in the process of tokenizing the non-bank loans market.

The Group’s Initial Exchange Offering kicks off on the IDAX exchange at and if you take part in it between the 30th and the 31st of October, you’ll get a 25% discount on each token you buy — that’s $0.19 per token. How to join the IEO?

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Registration at the IDAX exchange

From the 30th of October, 2019, the IDAX exchange will host Marshal Lion Group’s IEO. If you do not yet have an account at, you can set it up in no time using the following instructions. Go to and click on “Sign up”. Then enter your email address in the appropriate field, choose a password (using the fields below) and click on “Create my account”.

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You will now need to verify your email address. To do that, click on the link in the email you received to your address from Your account is now active. You will be prompted to select your preferred two-factor authentication (2FA) method. You can select “Maybe later” at the bottom to continue to your account but it is recommended that you complete this step now. 2FA adds an extra code to your login details from either a text message you receive or the Google Authenticator app depending on your selection. This adds an additional layer of security and helps protect your funds.

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KYC and adding funds to your account

When your account is up and running, you need to complete KYC procedure, the next step is to add USDT to it. Open the ‘Balances’ tab up top and click on ‘Deposit’. Next, from the dropdown list, select USDT — Tether and click on “Load with deposit address”.

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The app will now display the address of the wallet where your funds are to be sent. If you do not have USDT yet, you can purchase it at the Fia-Crypto exchange or exchange other cryptocurrencies for USDT using IDAX.

To participate in the Initial Exchange Offering by the Marshal Lion Group, open the ‘Market center’ tab in the upper left corner of the screen on or after the 30th of October. Then click ‘Capital Market’.

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Find Marshal Lion Group (MLGC) on the list and click on it to exchange. You will then see the exchange website. The easiest way to participate in the IEO is to click on the ‘Market’ tab and then ‘New order”. This is where you enter the BTC amount which you wish to use to purchase the tokens and click on ‘Buy’. The exchange is complete.

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Investment on the Marshal Lion platform

After the Marshal Lion Group IEO is complete, token holders with gain access to a dedicated digital platform which allows them to easily and quickly profit from the non-bank loans market. The platform is also an excellent way for those who until now were locked out of this lucrative sector to join the fun.

After you set up your account at, you can instantly invest in Marshal Lion Group’s projects.

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Marshal issue objective is to create a blockchain-based platform that will grant investors easy, safe and comprehensive access to the non-bank lending market.

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