How much does snowboarding really cost?

Snowboarding is one of the most popular extreme kinds of sports. More and more people decide to choose this kind of sport, because it gives them unbelievable feeling of independence and freedom, while riding down the snowy hill or mountain. There are different kinds of snowboarding. They are freestyle, freeriding, jibbing, half-pipe, big air, and boardercross. If you decided to choose one of these snowboarding styles, it is vital to think about the necessary equipment. It will protect your body from injuries and will make riding safer. So, here is the list of necessary snowboarding equipment and its average prices.

The price of snowboarding equipment

The article tells about an extreme kind of sport, snowboarding, and the average price of snowboarding equipment

Standard snowboard

The standard snowboard that has soft bindings will cost about 400–500$.

Boots for snowboarding

Snowboarding boots will cost about 190–250$.


The average price of goggles is about 150$.

Special gloves

If you decide to buy special gloves, they will cost 100$.

Snowboard clothes

In order to ride comfortably, it will be necessary to buy special clothes for snowboarding. Snowboard jacket will be about 200–300$, pants for snowboarding will be 100–250$, and special synthetic underwear with socks will be about 100$.

So, summing up, the average amount of money that it is necessary to spend on snowboarding equipment and clothes will be about 1400$. Of course, price may seem a little bit high, but you will use this equipment for some years and once you try this kind of sport, you will not be able to stop and you will become its fan for sure. Of course, there is another variant, it is possible to rent all the necessary snowboarding equipment just for one ride and it will cost about 100$. This option is good for people who want to try this extreme kind of sport and decide if it is their passion.

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