Big Announcement: Mateverse is in Public Beta

The road to Democratisation of Machine Learning is open and has no gatekeepers now.

We started working on Mate Labs when we were still in college in 2013 with a crazy crazy dream of an “all-intelligent” world, where objects around us will be conscious enough to sense us and our requirements. After a lot of iterations, we understood that for a future like this everyone should be capable enough to create intelligence around. We set out on a mission and built Mateverse, to enable everyone to use Machine Learning so that people can create intelligence around them.

We have been receiving a ton of request from all across the world during the past couple of weeks since the launch. So after testing our platform in the closed environment, we have finally decided to come out. We appreciate all the love and support we have received.

We are leaving our Private Beta mode to enter Public Beta.

What’s in there for you?

  1. Open Verification for all the new accounts on Mateverse from here after. Hence No Restriction.
  2. Access to the Pro Plan features for a month, without charging anything, which includes: Unlimited Retrain of your models, and support to get you started.

Our Findings through Private Beta

  1. There’s a great need for a first-hand experience with Machine Learning. Our users initially were really curious and excited when they were building their first model. We go on a call with our users, and see them share their excitement with us.
  2. The solution for Customisation is the most under-served territory in the AI/ML ecosystem. People just leave it to ML and DL engineers and researchers who know how to play around with the libraries and frameworks like Tensorflow.
  3. Data is the biggest barrier, more than the algorithm understanding itself for anyone to build such intelligent solutions themselves. So we started experimenting with a suite of different Data Pre-processing techniques like Augmentation and created our own methods to help our users train accurate and efficient models with as minimum Data as possible.
  4. For users who see AI/ML ecosystem from a mile, feel a bit intimidated too with the noise around happenings in the ecosystem. They really have a very blurry vision of what exactly is present at the moment and how this “AI” really works. To show them without any shade and make them witness the ground truth is a tough task. We feel the way we are approaching in terms of our UI/UX and the welcoming nature of our platform, is reducing that gap. A couple purely non-tech users on our platform shared this with us.

What’s coming Ahead?

  1. There’s a special gift for all of our users which will be out in coming days. We at Mate Labs and everyone associated with us, are really excited to the core. We feel this will get the ecosystem really close to the True Democratisation. Hint: It has something to do with IFTTT.
  2. We are getting the builders and consumers in the world of AI even closer, by bridging the gap of Discoverability and boosting the sharing culture (which everyone admires around the globe) of this ecosystem with a self-sustaining community. Mateverse Marketplace
Last but not the least, thanks a lot, everyone and especially our users for supporting us in this journey so far. We will always put our best efforts to never let down the trust that our users have bestowed upon us. We’re grateful from the bottom of our heart. Thank you. :)

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