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It’s not just about Marvin Gaye

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When a sexual connection is alive and kicking in a marriage, it makes the dreary days easier to cope with. It makes arguments feel less important, and any tension fade away.

Laurie Watson, a certified sex therapist explains, “In a committed partnership, having sex releases oxytocin, the bonding hormone, where you’ll feel more connected to your partner… According to a 2017 study, the immediate bonding benefits last for about 48 hours after sex, thus increasing relationship quality in the longer term.”

So when you and your partner are out of the loop, not the normal sexual beings you’re used to, and generally not feeling it, how can you reignite your desire? …

You’re benefiting already

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“We all know Medium isn’t for real writers anyway. It’s not actually going to help you become a writer”

This was a comment (which I paraphrased) on one of my posts about how I tripled my earnings on Medium in a month. It really stuck in my mind.

It stuck in my mind for several reasons. I see myself as a real writer. I do think Medium is for real writers. And I definitely think it helps writers cope in the world of pitching and clients.

You may have just discovered Medium or perhaps you’ve been on here for ages. Either way you’re probably pretty excited. …

Stripping down to your core

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I’m looking at around 10 weeks without sex. I’ve done 4, I’ve got 6 to go. This isn’t a personal challenge. My partner is not gone away for work or travel. And we haven’t fallen out. We’re sleeping in the same bed and we even hold hands.

Normally, we have regular sex. Regular meaning at least once a week. The majority of couples, according to a study conducted with more than 20,000 couples, reported having sex once or twice a month. 26% of couples hit the once-a-week mark.

So, all being normal, our sex life is amazing. …

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