Do our evolved archetypes serve us in a time of exponential change?

In a few decades of reconstruction, even the mathematical natural sciences, the ancient archetypes of theoretical perfection, have changed habit completely!
— Edmund Husserl

We presently stand witness to a resurgence in the archetypal interpretation of our collective experience.

Our return to the narrative well of archetypal wisdom makes a…

A brief, albeit deep, dive into the dynamics of techno-social fragmentation

The below represents an experiment with stream-of-consciousness writing in a single sitting. As Pascal said:

“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.”

Therefore, the ideas herein are presented as a working outline of these thoughts.

Caveat lector.

Lately I’ve been studying the topological…

Complexity lurking beneath shallow mirrors.
They may well surround humanity, for that is all we are.

Search for yourself in another.

Delve into your consciousness, portrayed upon their face.
Evolve into the nothing, be the human race.

Why the mind objects,
the deft may only know.

Divided into sects,
perpetuate the flow.

Be the ever growing, conscious yet divine,
innocently distancing the proverbial sublime.

Kill the senses.
Drown the mind.
Be the problem.
Long as you are kind.

Matthew Pirkowski

Bringing Order to Chaos, and Chaos to Order.

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