Escaping Our Epistemic Path-Dependence, From the Ground Up

The Excluded Middle: Can you eat it?

Do our evolved archetypes serve us in a time of exponential change?

An Illustration from Carl Jung’s Red Book, depicting the pre-cosmogonic egg of archetypal reality.

A brief, albeit deep, dive into the dynamics of techno-social fragmentation

Trust, Time, and Coordinating Our Shared Future

Facebook, Google, and the Future of Data Ownership

The Primary Dimensions of Sacrifice: Time and Quality

Civilization’s Centralization of Value Symbols

Money, Utility, and the Symbolic Abstraction of Value

Money and Utility: The Margins of Value

A Japanese pearl diver on the hunt for oysters. Does she create, or seek, value?

An evolutionary survey of human value representation and exchange

Matthew Pirkowski

Bringing Order to Chaos, and Chaos to Order.

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