David Archy Micro Modal Separate Pouches Trunks Review

6 min readOct 6, 2017


  • Product Link: Here
  • Material(s): 92% Micro modal / 8% Spandex
  • Style: Comfort — Boxer Brief
  • Price: $24.00 / 3-Pack
  • Approximate Steps To Chafe: ASTC 5,800–12,000

The Night before

I just wanted to get these feelings down, before I lost them to time. I actually had no clue what I was in store for with these. I just bought them, because they were on an Amazon deal, and had good reviews.

I wanted to wear these in the car ride for vacation. So, I wanted to do pictures the night before. Normally I’ll do pictures at any time before I actually start wearing them, and then just fit them into the review. Not with these guys. These completely threw me off guard.

Oh boy! Was I in for a surprise when I opened these up.

I am really starting to love the David Archy packaging. It is like no other. I just kept taking pictures. Setting up the boxes in different poses. These things are awesome!

While opening the box though. I cam across this instruction pamphlet on how to put on underwear.

Since I have never needed an instruction pamphlet this was pretty odd to me. I started reading this guy. Yep, there are two penises on the first page. Not one, but two, showing now your junk is going to be supported. That is freaking crazy.

I think those things in the bottom picture are shields?

I then flipped it over, and started reading through the numbered instructions. I actually started to feel like this was a bit complicated. Step three about guiding my scrotum into the pouch started to throw me off. If you ask me. This is the time that I need the damn picture of a penis. Would have made a lot more sense, just saying.

Step three needed a penis.

After a minute or two. I kind of just sat in amazement. These guys were not screwing around when they went out to make underwear. They are going through extreme care to make sure that your penis has never been more comfortable. I am a little in awe at it. To tell you the truth.

They not only know that there is an underwear problem. They are putting a ton of brain power thinking about everything that goes into making a great pair of underwear.

This has been the most fun I have ever had with underwear before actually putting them on.

I am just so damn excited for tomorrow!

Comfort and Chafe

They are super soft. I put them on, and they felt really comfortable. I don’t know if I am a fan of the two pouch design yet. It was simple enough to figure out what was going on while putting them on. I just didn’t know if I was going to be comfortable with the two pouch design. It ended up being pretty cool.

Having to go number 1 was pretty cool. You just had to flip the flap up. I have been wearing a lot of underwear that doesn’t have floors so it’s been nice.

One ancillary note. Under normal circumstances I am able to walk around with my just boxer briefs on at home at the end of the night. They look like shorts most of the time. With these they do not look like normal boxer briefs. Your junk is being shown off. You will not feel comfortable wearing these like shorts.

While getting ready to leave which took about 3300 steps to do. They held strong. Since we were driving most of the day it gave me a good chance to test out their swampass control. They didn’t really hold up to the task. Around step 5,800 I started to chafe.

The waistband is the killer

I’m not a fan of the waistband on these. The first thing is that the underwear itself is really soft. Which goes in stark contrast to the waistband. It feels more like it belongs on a pair of performance briefs than comfort briefs. It also rolls down, and bunches a lot.

By the end of the long car ride we were taking to go on vacation I had marks, and indents on my waist where the band sat.

My second experience in these were that the waistband just kept rolling. It did feel better on the comfort front. Since the waistband was in full roll the fabric couldn’t dig into my skin.

Pair three, same results with the waistband. It really upsets me, because these things easily go from being a favorite to almost being unwearable. I gave up, and just intentionally rolled the waistband. It worked out better that way.

These would be such a better pair of underwear if they had a different waistband. They could have taken the waistband from the bamboo briefs and had a winning pair of underwear. That waistband wasn’t the greatest, but it was definitely better than the one they have.

Another run-through

Wearing them to work provided different results than being on vacation. I didn’t chafe in them even after an 12,000 step day. However, I did feel more friction than I did previously. The odor was up as well.

So, there usage can be at time erratic. I do contribute most of the lower numbers for chafe just due to the car ride, and my ass sweating from sitting on leather for so long.


Another discrepancy with odor. All depending on what was going on it was really erratic with the odor control. One day it did great. Two other days not so great.

When we went on a long hike for the day it held up really well. However, the long car ride day it didn’t hold up so well. It didn’t hold up while at work as well. Which for me is the big one.

It varied so much the chart is almost useless.


I would not recommend these as a buy. The waistband on these is probably one of the most uncomfortable waistbands I have ever worn. It overshadows everything else that is good with these underwear.

They are also slightly more expensive than the bamboo boxer briefs that they sell. Which I would purchase as opposed to these. I really do love David Archy, but they already have a better option in my opinion.

These are a pretty strong don’t buy.