speed of thought ≠ pixel perfect

As a UX / Interaction Designer who lives in Adobe XD, I’m very stoked it now can output SPECS! The rub however, is now my Design at the Speed of Thought tool requires micro-inspection of the pixels, expanding what I do with and how I use the product, but I’m up for the challenge — will see if XD is too.

Tell your friends… especially if their name is O’Neill, or O’Brien, or O’Leary, etc…

Introducing Keep the Apostrophe in Irish Names

Why? See below:

Delight in the experience of a product or service is built on a foundation of great usability. It comes from the details — unexpected interactions that show extra love and care for the user. Some great examples here: http://littlebigdetails.com/

Advance directives for autonomous car drivers

Lately, I’ve been following the advancement of autonomous cars and the ethical dilemmas associated with them. Specifically, variations of the Trolley Problem where decisions about whose life should be saved in an accident is predetermined by the automaker rather than the driver at the moment of the accident. For example, in the case of an unavoidable accident where the car either runs into a crowd of kids or swerves suddenly, potentially killing the driver, automakers have vowed to take the action which always saves the driver. This makes sense from a business perspective—who would…

About a month ago, after taking a class in San Francisco, I needed to find the closest freeway onramp to start my drive back home. So I drove in the general direction of the freeway and activated google maps to help guide the way. Then I noticed I was out of gas. Ok, so upon returning to google maps to find a gas station I see I need to exit the current directions, start a new search and then calculate myself what search results are “on the way.” Not a huge deal but I thought why the heck can’t the…

I tried out a onewheel board for the first time tonight and it was a blast. It gets going very fast, very quickly using roughly the same technology as a Segway (lean slightly forward to accelerate and back to slow down.) They make them at the old Wrigley gum factory and that’s where I tried it. It’s cavernous hallways and polished cement floors are the perfect venue for this novel vehicle.

I had just arrived there for First Friday when I saw these two guys flying down the hall. Turns out I knew one of them so I asked if…

The author dancing with the waves

Surfing is pretty easy. But surfing well is hard, especially when you have less time in the water and the march of time begins to assert itself on your limbs and agility. This is a collection of tips that work for me and I’m sharing to see if they can help anyone else. I’m still passionate about surfing as I approach my 38th year in the water and am grateful I can still do it relatively well. These are the things that help me stay competent and increase my enjoyment out on the waves.

A mantra: stay loose in the…

Matt O'Leary

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