M2M Day 154: My first Hebrew lesson was a multimedia failure

This post is part of Month to Master, a 12-month accelerated learning project. For April, my goal is to hold a 30-minute conversation in Hebrew on the future of technology.

Today, I had my first 30-minute Hebrew lesson over Skype. The lesson itself went great, but my attempt to record it didn’t go quite as well.

I used the QuickTime screen capture function on my MacBook to record the screen during the Skype call, but failed to properly set up the audio source, so no sound was captured. Additionally, I didn’t realize quite how small the corner inset of me would be.

As a result, I’m left with a quiet, tiny video that isn’t very useful.

I’ll try to capture a more sharable video during tomorrow’s session.

Besides the multimedia problems, the lesson went well. We chatted about technology’s predicted impact on the future of medicine, health, and the human lifespan. I had to mime a lot of my ideas (as you can see in the above screen grab), and spent a lot of time dancing around words I didn’t know. Ultimately, even though it was a bit slow and painful, I was able to more or less express my ideas.

I attempted to talk about designer babies, eternal life, human cyborgs, and robot doctors.

These topics are pretty tough to discuss with the minimal vocabulary I have, so I needed to get pretty creative. I did prepare a quick monologue last night, which helped set a basic foundation for the conversation.

Anyway, although challenging, I’m glad I’m jumping right in.

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Max Deutsch is an obsessive learner, product builder, guinea pig for Month to Master, and founder at Openmind.

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