Why did I take this assessment, being a designer?

Have you ever thought about your horizontal professional growth? Isn’t it better to create some extra value and improve yourself rather than concentrate on a new title?

It’s more likely that horizontal career growth will broaden your view and give you more angles of perception.

In fact, as a designer, I thought that it might be a great opportunity to understand a Scrum framework better and Agile approach, enhance my value as a development team member as well as help to educate my colleagues on using Scrum more effectively.

…aaand Scrum framework

Therefore, I took an opportunity to join the…

Tips to succeed in communicating your ideas to people.

Really…? But why?

Have you ever thought why was Pablo Picasso able to become really rich and famous while alive when Vincent van Gogh's work became commercially successful after he was dead? What's the reason, as both of them were genius artists?

Illustration by unDraw

Recently I have had a couple of chats with my colleagues and some friends that work for the top tech companies and realized that working as a designer or creative industry specialist in a modern environment usually requires something more than just doing a great job.

And guess what, communication and how you present or sell your creative work is a…

Why you need to have your own design process.

These days most businesses understand that it's not enough to have only a well written clean code for a competing product. You have to pay more and more attention on solving user problems and track your target audience which is getting more demanding.

Based on my experience working with Emirates Airlines, I will explain why design process is important, I will also share the detailed process plan that we designed and follow as a team.

How the tech industry leaders work

If you still think that designers are guys in black clothes who draw weird pictures drinking latte macchiato — I have to disappoint you. Nowadays…

Max Palyvoda

Design & Tech Explorer

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