Closing the gap between design education and the professional practice of making digital products.

The path to a career in UX isn’t clear

Many of today’s design college graduates aren’t equipped with the right combination of tools, processes, and experiences to successfully transition into user experience (“UX”) jobs in digital product design. While this isn’t a new phenomenon, its inadequacy hinders partnerships between engineering and product management that are critical for creating successful…

Photo by Alanna Hale

Having spent nearly twenty years in a career that’s centered around design and technology, it should be no surprise that I talk with a lot of designers. These days I work closely with several design schools. …

Location: New York, Copenhagen, and Aarhus

As a design/partner manager for Google, I spend a lot of time expanding my network to better understand the nuanced offerings of both individual designers and agencies. …

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“Our startup needs design help. Should we hire a big agency, a small agency, or a freelancer?”

In my career — which includes running an agency, working as a freelancer, and helping startups as an advisor and investor — I’ve heard this question countless times. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all…

Mike is a Design Manager in UX at Google where he focuses on fostering the design culture. Prior to Google, he was a co-founder of Cuban Council.

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