Graphic by Meagan Kensil

Hey QTz —

Welp, it turns out I made a mistake, and I’m rly, rly srry. I’m the one who abbreviated ‘thanks,’ a word that was already an abbreviation of a phrase, and took it down 2 more notches. I’m writing 2 u all today 2 explain myself.

TBH, so many peeps were getting into the abbrevs game and coming up with gr8 stuff, so I thought, why not me? My inspo was when I saw someone write ‘thnx’ in a gchat. I was like, “wow, what a great way to save a sec while also being like, ‘hey, I…

Illustration by Meagan Kensil

Climate change cramping your style?

Struggling to dress for hot and humid mornings that turn into snowy nights? With just these ten must-have pieces, you’ll be dressed to the nines for any apocalyptic weather pattern that comes your way!

1. L.L. Bean One-Piece Bathing Suit

So you think you know Mrs. Claus? Well, what’s my first name? Drawing a blank??? And you’ve got how many names for my husband? Such patriarchal reindeer poo!

I’m so over being under-appreciated, I’m about ready to deck more than the halls. It’s high time I set the record straighter than the North Pole and get my fair share of the milk and cookies!

Look, I know you’re impressed with my husband. …

Meagan Kensil

Meagan is a writer, performer, and filmmaker based in Queens, NY, where she lives with an extremely chatty cat. @meagan_pencil

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