How conversational commerce will change the shopping experience

Imagine the VIP service a well-off customer gets in a luxury store. They get a personal shopper; let’s call him Pierre. Pierre helps find the perfect product for them. He lets them know when new items come in stock or when there’s a sale. Pierre calls when the item they…

The secret to increasing productivity, work–life balance, and team happiness

This is a guide for people on remote teams or those considering it. Why go remote? What are the benefits and how do you overcome the downsides? Learn how remote life can make employees happier and more productive if done right. Avoid the common mistakes and learn best practices.

What Does It Mean to Work at an All-Remote Company?


Your bot is live! Now it’s time to connect with people

Don’t have an Octane AI bot for Messenger? Sign up free to start now!

You’ve got a bot! Now it’s time to get people to connect, and keep them engaged. Facebook Messenger already has 1.2 billion active users so your bot is a chance to engage with them. We see much higher click-through rates on Messenger than email or other marketing channels.

Share Your Bot — Everywhere

Most people…

Megan Berry

VP of Product @OctaneAI. Previously VP Product @RebelMouse, Community @Klout. Stanford grad.

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