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Snapsible Concept

Snapsible provides effective communication of complex quantitative ideas, information for the Foldable Screen displays. Just as Microsoft Surface Duo/Samsung Galaxy Fold can provide a larger screen real estate for more possibilities and interactions, Snapsible visually displays measured quantities by means of the combined use of points, lines, a coordinate system, numbers, symbols, words, shadings, and colors [1] with foldable interaction capabilities. Snapsible makes this visualization more compelling by seeking advantage of the dual-screen displays. Moreover, an extended set of gestures helps to create a more intuitive and easy way of visualized data exploration.

This system addresses an ongoing need for professionals that work on the move and try to get more done. This need is ever-growing for professionals — such as engineers, academicians, product managers, executive officers, and working professionals. …


Mehul Shah

UX Designer @Microsoft | MHCI+D alum at the University of Washington.

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