The rules of the cold-reading cards

Making with Theory: Interaction Design Meets the Science of Pseudoscience

Don’t believe in fortune, but don’t live without it.

On My Motivations and My Initial Research Progress

A Living Thesis Proposal



Vocal Conversational Agents

Hello World!

Vocal Conversational Agents

Hello, World!

Cinema4D view of our extended media types and UI

Video Composing with Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects for Hololens Interaction Concept Visualization

Bruce and MacKenzie. From our interview with Bruce Hanington.

Interview at the Moon Room: Mark Baskinger

“Bombe” of Alan Turing with a Human Operator. Source:

Shelters for Syrian Refugees Now Come in an IKEA Box

Meric Dagli — Interaction Design Intern at Carbon Health, SF. Graduate Student @CarnegieMellon, Pittsburgh. Previously @METU_ODTU, Ankara.

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