Greetings, fellow Hunters!

The development team is overjoyed to let everyone know that they are now putting in a lot of effort to improve the artificial intelligence and animal behavior in the game.

Bringing a much greater sense of realism and depth to it.

So, what precisely will be included to make the experience more realistic?

Day-Night Cycle



Greetings, Hunters!

The recently implemented upgrade for MetaShooter is now available to everyone.

You can learn more about the various enhancements that Unreal Engine 5 delivers by reading more about them here:
Unreal Engine 5 is Coming to MetaShooter this Friday! | by MetaShooter | Oct, 2022 | Medium

In addition, in order to get everyone in the Halloween spirit, the staff has planned a unique event for the holiday!

As of today, the entire MetaShooter world has been decorated out in Halloween style! In addition to that, we are unveiling a terrifying Halloween Mission for you to complete!