Quintric set to be released on the Bitshares Platform July 4th 2018

The highly anticipated public launch of Quintric’s monetary tokens is on track and ready to launch July 4, 2018. Quint and QuintS, both 100% hedged by Legal Tender Gold and Silver, are set to be released on the Bitshares Platform.

The official Quintric website states:

“The world’s first live-streamed gold vault, which houses the metals in this program, will be available for public viewing at the same time. With this mechanism in place, anyone in the world who owns Quint tokens will be able to audit their holdings against our highly-secure Graphene blockchain ledger, which tracks the creation and movement of every token in existence. This will be the most transparent, accountable currency standard which has ever existed.”

Quintric Conference Appearances

The Quintric team will be attending conferences, speaking and available for questions at many venues this summer including FreedomFest in Las Vegas NV, July 11 -14, 2018. The Quintric team will be happy to speak at events in your area. Contact them at Quintric.com

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