Looking Back on the Yellow Brick Road

The Career Question

Working with a, young, eager, ambitious junior designer, she asked (about advancing in her career), “How will I know when I am ready to be a creative director? I mean, how many years will it take?”

I thought about that for awhile.

How the heck would I know??

I had been doing this for over twenty years and never once did I think to question my own progression. Had I figured this out? My career was never crafted, nor a formula. Twenty years goes by fast. Really fast. One minute you are trying…

The Intangible Success Factors of Lead-Generation

When proposing a course of action for our clients, we often create a 10,000 foot overview of our recommendations for improving site performance based on a brief analysis of their backend Google Analytics data.

Michelle Petrie

Principal // PetrieCreative.com

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