Social Media Scientists: Part 2

Celebrating Women in STEM on Instagram

Recently, an article was published in a high profile science journal which criticized women scientists for spending time sharing their science via “cute selfies” on social media (Instagram, specifically). The article was mean spirited and bitter, but most of the science community clapped right back against the attack. You can read some wonderfully articulated responses to the issue on twitter (Samantha Yammine and Christine Liu both provide 🔥🔥🔥 commentary), and a response article by fellow scientist Gabi Serrato-Marks on the Massive news site. Appropriately enough, the main target of the original article, Samantha Yammine, (yes — the author, a fellow woman in STEM at the same university, chose to personally call out and criticize her colleague) is actually in the process of producing a peer review article showing how Instagram affects perception of male and female scientists (we’ll post a link to that as soon as its out!).

As a project that aims to make women in science visible, the Femmes of STEM stands in support of social media scientists. Whether they’re on Instagram to share a photo of their research, to share a photo when they’re feeling great, or to share a photo of when they’re feeling great doing research, we’re 💯percent behind them! In fact, for this edition of #FOSfollows, we’ve decided to to a round up of our favorite scientists on instagram! You can see the full list on our website, but here are FIVE scientists you shouldn’t miss.

Geology, Paleontology, and Natural History

Amy Atwater, Paleontologist; @mary_annings_revenge

Amy Atwater is one half of the team behind the snarky af blog Mary Annings Revenge, and recently, she became the paleontology collections manager for the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana. On her instagram, she shares all kinds of fun facts about ancient earth and the life on it — and yes, there will be dinosaurs.

Dr. Jessi Atterholt, Paleontologist; @theladyanatomica

Dr. Jessi is a newcomer to instagram, but wow does she deliver! This instagram is beautifully curated, with carefully photographed specimens from her personal comparative anatomy collection, which she has been developing since she was only eleven years old! Most of the specimens featured have been dissected, skeletonized, and plastinated all by herself so she can bring visual aids to her classroom, and now, she’s bringing them to instagram!


Dr. Kristin, Plant Pathology, @kaydubsthehikingscientist

Kristin is so much fun to follow on instagram! She’s a plant pathologist, which she says means she spends half her time hiking in the wilderness with her kitty (yes — her hiking kitty!) and the other half performing experiments in a scientific lab to learn about how and why plants get sick. She makes extensive use of both her posts and Instagram stories, on which her videos make you feel like you’re hiking and science-ing along with her, her kitty, and her Ke$sha mixtape.


Dr. Janelle, Nueroscience; @the_sushi_scientist

If you like inforgraphics, science, or sushi, the Sushi Scientist is about to be your new favorite account. Run by Dr. Janelle of John Hopkins University, the Sushi Scientist is sharing her research on the neuroscience of chronic pain using food art, based on past research that show reward/learning systems activate during viewing of food stimuli… and because she really just like playing with sushi. Either way — we win!


Estefannie, Software Engineer; @estefanniegg

Estefannie is a software engineer, maker, and youtuber. Her channel Estefannie Explains it All is a super rad combination of do along DIYs, pop culture tech, and steminism. Her instagram is an extension of that brand, with super fun, bright colors that speak to my latinx heart.


The Stem Squad, is an Instagram that features a rotating series of host from STEM fields of all kind — any femme identifying person in STEM is welcome to join! @thestemsquad

The SciCommunity is an Instagram page that highlights science communicators from all fields of stem, and the line up so far has been wonderfully diverse! @thescicommunity

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Michelle Barboza-Ramirez

Written by

Queer, latinx, scientist. Host of the Femmes of STEM podcast.