Bargain Hunting for Games with the Beautiful Soup Library

I work hard, write code, and love my job. At the end of a long day, I also enjoy unwinding with a quick Xbox gaming session. I’m not a hard-core gamer, so things like subscriptions to monthly game services don’t really appeal to me, but finding good bargains certainly does. While PC gaming services like Steam alert customers when a wish-listed item is on sale, Microsoft doesn’t offer any sort of alert service. No matter — a quick Python script using the Beautiful Soup library and a Discord client will alert me when a game is on sale. …

A Quick Pi Pico and MicroPython Project

The Pi Pico is an amazingly cheap yet powerful microcontroller that offers a plethora of exciting features out of the box, like a built-in temperature sensor. The Raspberry Pi Foundation made the Pi Pico available just as I was putting the final touches on my new book, Portable Python Programming. The beta book is available as of June 9, 2021.

Pi Pico from Miiicihiaieil Hieinizilieir / Wikimedia Commons

One of the most prevalent and hobby-friendly microcontrollers is the Arduino. In fact, my first book published by Pragmatic Bookshelf, Programming Your Home, prominently featured the Arduino in many of that book’s projects. …

Write Code Ergonomically

Looking for a more comfortable way to code from the comfort of your bed or couch? You’ve probably tried to balance your laptop on your belly, simmering an overworked processor into your skin. There’s no need to suffer — instead, levitate your workspace to save your skin and your back. This solution has worked remarkably well for me since well before the pandemic struck.

Floating Inspiration

Photo by Jorge Ramirez on Unsplash

The inspiration for a levitating PC came to me while I was looking for a better way to comfortably code for long stretches without experiencing the usual back or neck pain working in front of traditional…

Mike Riley

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