An Introduction to What Makes RTS Different

Money, Transportation, and Time

A Culture of Justice

  1. ABOR — The Agent Bill of Rights — is a core document, given on a handy 2-inch by 3-inch card that everyone wears under their security badge. This ABOR governs Agent and Management actions alike, and protects agents from bad management. The transparency, omnipresence, and simplicity of these rights ensure that our core values are known, embraced, and that everyone’s behavior is unambiguous against these rights.
  2. Ask anyone working for RTS that has previously worked for other call centers, and you’ll hear as many stories of favoritism as you have coins in your pocket. Cliques and cabals, innuendo and exploitation, favoritism is rife within the unjust societies of the developing world. Their call centers mirror this culture. The ABOR, employee handbook, and HR policies enshrine absolute fairness in our environment — and the long line of terminated, unfair, exploitative, bad managers, whose removal many have witnessed, are proof that company ownership takes fairness seriously. The drive for profit shall never undercut absolute fairness in our society.
  3. University degrees and credentials are nice, but skills that can be proven are really the only thing we use to judge ability. We have built deep assessments into the way we evaluate talent, and « prove that you can do it » mentality, such that if we can’t reduce someone’s skills to a number, we prefer to defer a decision until we can accurately measure.

The Future

  1. We largely ignore standard job-specific training as an investment in our people. This is not to say we don’t do it at all, but we create for ourselves a higher standard by building agent capacity, and not just train them to do a job where we make money.
  2. We promote Agents’ exiting our company for reasons that create long-term economic stability in their lives, like entrepreneurship, higher value work (if we cannot provide it), and software development.
  3. We grant zero-interest small business loans to Agents, to help them start, re-capitalize (usually with equipment), a business, so that, in accordance with our vision, will make them capital owners in the long-run.

Reducing Risk with the Power of the Firm

  1. We all know that health is wealth. We guarantee health care for every employee, and for some of their families. We believe healthcare is a human right,and we pay for it completely.
  2. We have put in place a catastrophic fund, such that when some tragedy befalls one of our employees or their family, they will have some money to help deal with that tragedy. To the firm, the amount is small, but to our Agents, it’s a huge help — especially since it’s a grant, 100% free.
  3. Agents can easily stagnant for years within the outsourcing industry, jumping from center to center in the same job, because their job is so often tied to the account on which they work, instead of the company for whom they work. ABOR #1 guarantees to the Agent that they won’t lose the stability of working for the same company, as long as RTS has the work for them.

Conclusion — What Should Be



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Mike Dershowitz

Mike Dershowitz

Mike is the CEO of Fair Trade Outsourcing, a people-first BPO company that uses the power of the free market to fight poverty and promote moral leadership.