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2020 Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang has distinguished himself in the crowded field of Democratic candidates by making a universal basic income (UBI) the center of his campaign. Dubbing it the “Freedom Dividend,” Yang has proposed an unconditional $1000 monthly cash payment to all Americans over the age of 18. Citing poverty, automation and giving workers more leverage against their employers as reasons for why a UBI is needed, Yang further claims his program could eliminate poverty and “move our economy into its next stage of development-human capitalism-with a focus on improving everyone’s quality of living.” He cites a report that…

Bernie Sanders at a 2015 campaign rally in Springfield, Massachusetts (Photo: Dalton Lampro)

With millions across the country rising in vocal opposition to the Trump administration’s regressive policy initiatives and in enthusiastic support of social justice, equality and the embattled welfare state, it’s difficult to deny that the American left has been reinvigorated. While seemingly logical to point to Trump’s victory as the primary catalyst for this development, doing so would be a mistake. At the beginning of the decade (on the heels of the 2008 financial crisis), Occupy Wall Street brought the issue of income inequality to the center stage of the national discourse. …

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